Tsu Nami Unveils New Single, ‘Never Be’ Featuring Jade Alice

tsu nami never be

Tsu Nami teams up with Australian singer-songwriter Jade Alice on her new single “Never Be,” a wonderstruck electropop song slated for release on Lost In Dreams Records.

The L.A-based producer Tsu Nami is a natural when it comes to diving into thought-provoking beats and emotion-stirring subject matter. On her Lost In Dreams debut, she has found a prime suspect to complement those talents, teaming up with Melbourne’s dream pop phenom Jade Alice. “Never Be” is centered around the times when a crush starts to eat away at a person’s imagination.

Jade’s saccharine vocals drift into a world fashioned inside of fantasy, as she wrestles with the anguish of not being compatible with the one holding her heart captive. Despite the devastating undertones of the track’s theme, Tsu Nami flips the script with a deceptively ebullient production that rides a wave of lush atmospherics, tender keys, throbbing 808s, and fluttering synths that washes away the pain from a love that could never be.

“‘Never Be’ romanticizes the idea of a relationship that can never happen,” says Jade Alice. “We dreamt up this concept about a person who created a boyfriend on SIMS and was unable to be with him in reality. We had so much fun filtering that idea into the lyrics and writing about something so dysfunctional, distorted, and delusional. While the lyrics have a sense of melancholy to them, the production is so playful and futuristic. It takes the human condition and puts it through a colourful, pixelated lens. The song really feels like animation for the ears.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Jade Alice has spent the better half of the last decade putting together a catalog that deals with love, loss and heavy helpings of bedroom-laced nostalgia. On top of having several solo singles and two EPs under her belt, ‘Oh! If I could only have you’ and ‘pink and blue,’ she’s also started to make headway into the dance space through her collabs alongside fellow Aussie artists Wongo, Jordan Burns, and Friendless.

In a relatively short time frame, Los Angeles transplant Tsu Nami has blown up on the strength of awe-inducing beats that are overflowing with originality and emotion. She’s poured her heart into her craft, which has not spanned the sounds of dance-pop, future bass, melodic bass, and electronica, but is also her own personal invitation for other female-identifying and BIPOC individuals to become inspired so that they may shift the balance away from inequity.

On the live side, her tour schedule has already seen her grace some of the most prestigious Insomniac festival stages, including previous performances at EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland SoCal, Countdown NYE. At the end of summer, she will be heading over to Las Vegas to showcase her sound at the second installment of the Lost In Dreams festival, sharing the stage with her contemporaries such as SLANDER, William Black, San Holo, Madeon, Hex Cougar, Kasbo, Trivecta, and many more.

Tsu Nami is easily one of the most impressive artists to have washed onto the shores of electronic music in recent memory, and her new single “Never Be” with the lovely Jade Alice is going to be celebrated near and far by anyone who has ever gotten caught inside an alternate reality built around someone that’s tragically just out of reach.

Tsu Nami and Jade Alice’s new single “Never Be” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.


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