T.H.E Interview – Chasner

chasner interview

Chasner discusses how “Starts Right Now” came about, collaborating with Afrojack & more.

Aditya – Hey Chasner, Glad to have you for the interview. How was the first half of this year for you?

Chasner – Heyy, well thanks for having me too! My first half of 2022 was most of all exciting. Worked very hard with my team to get a lot of new music released this year. Seeing this second half of the year as sort of the next chapter of Chasner, which is starting with my newest track.

Aditya – I had the opportunity to listen ‘Starts Right Now’, your collab with Afrojack before the release. The track is true, powerful, and a festival banger. What’s your creative process behind this track?

Chasner – Oh thank you, that’s good to hear! Nick and I worked back and forth for over more than a year to get the track where it is right now. We wanted to make a dancefloor banger of it. I think the difference between the break and the drop is what makes this one so powerful. A more calm, emotional sing-along break, and then a powerful festival drop. Yeah, just can’t wait to play this one out more live!

Aditya – This tune is definitely hard-hitting, what’s your message behind this track?

Chasner – The deeper message behind starts right now is simply as the title says. It all ‘’Starts Right Now’’. A next chapter in the career of Chasner. New music, different music, new shows, all of it.

Aditya – Afrojack is one of the top producers! How do you feel to have a collaboration with him?

Chasner – He is! Well for me it’s still very sick if Nick says ‘’ yooo this is suuuuperdope, let’s work on this together’’. Working with him on music is something I still learn a lot from. And it’s also just dope that Nick (Afrojack), someone who always inspired me to make music when I was younger, now wants to work on music together with me. I’ve learned a lot from him, and am still learning a lot when it comes to music, the industry, and more. Yeah, just very happy to work with him and the team!

Aditya – You’ve millions of streams on streaming platforms, how do you feel about that?

Chasner – To be honest it also still feels pretty insane for me if I see those numbers. For example to exceed 40.000.000 streams on our remix for David Guetta (Afrojack & Chasner remix). That feels insane, because, a few years ago I was releasing music and some songs barely even reached 10.000 plays you know.. So to see my music grow this much in such a short amount of time feels amazing for me as an artist. Great to see that people like my music!

Aditya – Who are you’re influences and why?

Chasner – Afrojack, Avicii, David Guetta & Martin Garrix. Because all of them had such a big impact in nowadays dance and pop music industry with their music. Like already at a young age their music and career inspired me to go after my dreams as a DJ/producer. And they’ve all reached a different type of success, in a different hardworking way where I’ve got so much respect for.

Aditya – You’ve accomplished so much at a mere age of 24, what’s on your bucket list?

Chasner – Ah thanks so much. Well, a lot. I’d really love to grow my career in a way that I’ll be able to tour the world one day like my influences are doing right now. I’d just love to see my music make a worldwide impact and inspire people, make people feel better, happy. To play my music eventually myself on festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra, EDC and venues like Omnia, Hakkasan and Bootshaus (actually played Bootshaus for the first time year which was a dream coming true.)

Aditya – Which DAW you use and why?

Chasner – Fruity Loops, because; Fruity Loops.

Aditya – Any tips for beginners out there?

Chasner – Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds but;
1. Do what you really love – and then
2. Never give up and keep hustling, keep working, you will get there at some point!

Aditya – Lastly, who’s your celebrity crush?

Chasner – Jorja Smith


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