MistaJam Unveils Electrifying Remix Of Twocolors x Safri Duo x Chris De Sarandy’s Hit ‘Cynical’

twocolors cynical mistajam

Renowned British DJ and producer MistaJam brings a fresh twist to twocolors x Safri Duo x Chris de Sarandy’s latest masterpiece, ‘Cynical,’ a vibrant reimagining of Safri Duo’s beloved early 2000s classic, ‘Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song).’

This electrifying remix is now available for music enthusiasts worldwide, courtesy of Virgin Records.

Ever since its debut, ‘Cynical’ has captivated listeners across the globe with its attractive and immersive sound. Garnering over 20 million streams on Spotify, twocolors have made a triumphant return to Virgin Records. Their rendition of Safri Duo’s timeless gem seamlessly blends the original’s iconic essence with contemporary beats, creating a musical fusion that’s nothing short of mesmerizing.

MistaJam, a towering figure in British Dance music, now takes the helm to infuse an “extra spin” into this magnetic reinterpretation on Virgin Records. Retaining the charm of the original, MistaJam steers it toward a more dynamic direction, infusing the track with robust bass tones and a stripped-back approach that tailor-makes it for the dancefloor.

Renowned for his track-breaking prowess that once dominated the airwaves of UK dance radio, MistaJam has embraced songwriting and production since 2018, elevating his musical journey to new heights. His monumental collaboration with David Guetta and John Newman, ‘If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know),’ has garnered over 150 million streams, earning him a Silver Record certification from the British Phonographic Institute.

Listen to MistaJam’s exhilarating remix of ‘Cynical’ by twocolors x Safri Duo x Chris de Sarandy now, available on Virgin Records.


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