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alpha boys

Detroit based label Sekkle & Cease are known for their experimental 140 dub sounds. The emerging label have devoted their passion to the eternal Reggae and Dub culture, delivering everything from experimental, roots and low end reggae.

Sekkle & Cease are on a mission. The Detroit based imprint has released ‘Alpha Boys Vol. 1’ for a charitable occasion. Sekkle & Cease will pledge the proceedings of the complilation to the venerated Alpha Boys School in Kingston – one of the most influential music education institutions in Jamaica.

The emerging imprint has curated a marvellous selection of renowned and musically proficient artists. Keen listeners get to experience a diverse display of all things Dub – experimental, roots and everything in between, that tests your low frequency section’s headroom. Featuring a total of fifteen tracks, prominent artist contributions include 6Blocc, Elefant Doc, Distant Roots, Cessman and Digid among others.

The compilation starts off with ‘Whole Word’ by Cali’s Kush Arora, the established artist is teaming up with Jamaican MC Peppery, beautifully laying down his vocal teachings on contemporary world beats.

The mighty 6Blocc shines through on expertly crafted roots basslines being accompanied by a slew of proper MC’s and nostalgic sound design in ‘Territory Dub’. Having the ‘Foundation’ in mind, Digid & Distant Roots pick up where 6Blocc left off, setting a more melodical stage, dub sirens included. enturing off into the future of Reggae, UK’s Vibration Lab duo turns up the psychedelic heat and untethers a skanking foundation tune by the name of ‘Brimstone Dub’.

Our favourite from the compilation, Cessman, delivers ‘Positive Thinking’, a laidback fast-paced shaker filled with hypnotic groves and a supremely tasty bassline. Further diving off into forward-minded territory, XL Arge out of the respectable Numa Crew contributes the intensely hypnotic & tribal sound exploration ‘Metadub’. Elefant Doc & Distant Roots’ ‘Blurry Dub’ leaps in between airy clouds of fuzz, the main arrangement surging through whenever appropriate. These and even more sounds of fiery goodness are enveloped in this charity compilation – if you’re keen on supporting the future of Reggae, Dub and its modern counterparts – make sure to bag this release and support a great cause.

Grab your copy here.


01. Peppery and Kush Arora – Whole World
02. 6Blocc – Territory Dub
03. Digital Steppaz – Broken Law Dub
04. Vibration Lab – Brimstone Dub
05. Digid & Distant Roots – Foundation
06. Cessman – Positive Thinking
07. Rise To Dub – Goosensei
08. DU3normal – Miliplant
09. Xl Arge (Numa Crew) – Metadub
10. Rozi – Toots ft. Dubsworth & Christopher Heinz
11. Elefant Doc & Distant Roots – Blurry Dub
12. Jamie Peligro – Pirates
13. Dread Foxx & Lightning Alert – Light Bulb
14. Method Sound – Breaded Dub
15. Kaiten – Pipe Dream

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