Electric Forest Officially Cancelled for 2021 and Postponed to Summer 2022

electric forest 2021 cancelled

Earlier this month, Electric Forest shared potential dates for 2021 saying IF the festival could safely happen, it would be held over the weekends of August 12-15 and August 19-22.

But once again, they soon learned that it wasn’t going to be possible to get together in person just yet and yesterday announced that they will have to go on to cancel their 2021 edition and postpone the event to Summer 2022.

The Michigan-based festival announced, “After a tumultuous year full of challenges, HQ has eagerly anticipated and worked towards our collective return to Electric Forest. However, as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have continued, it has become clear that we are not going to be able to gather in 2021 and that postponing to 2022 is our only course of action.”

While this is the second year in a row the festival is being canceled and pushed to the next year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival is offering ticket holders two options. As per their detailed statement stating, “With this news comes two options for members of the Forest Family that currently hold Electric Forest Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages:

– Retain your Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages for Electric Forest, Summer 2022
– Submit for a refund (including fees)”

Still shrouded with uncertainties of the times to come with how the pandemic plays out over the next few months, they said, “Given the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Electric Forest 2022 dates will be announced when full clarity can be achieved with respect to all aspects of planning.”

Ending on a note of hope, they shared, “We are stronger as a community than we are as individuals. Knowing that we will all gather in 2022 is a bright spark and a guiding light – and we will build our moment together. – Forest HQ”

Read the detailed official statement here.

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