Hardwell goes all out against DJ Mag in latest video

Hardwell rant DJ Mag

Former world #1 and current world #3 DJ, Hardwell just went on a raging rant against DJ Mag at one of his live performances and you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Last night at a Revealed Records label party in Amsterdam, Hardwell went all out against DJ Mag and how it can negatively affect artists. Talking about Atmozfears, a hardstyle artist from Holland, Hardwell went on to tell the audience of how talented artists won’t ever get the chance to play at the big festivals because they’re not on the list (and if they’re not on the list, they would not get to play at big festivals).

3LAU recently told the world the real reason why people give so much importance to the DJ Mag and how its no longer a poll rating a DJs talent but just a money-making scheme to boost an artist’s potential gig count in emerging markets. However, nobody ever saw this coming from Hardwell, a two time winner of the poll and still fan favourite. Either way, we believe what Hardwell says in the sense that it’s all about talent and the fact that Revealed isn’t just a label but a family. Either way, be prepared to see Hardwell super pissed and raging live like you’ve never seen him before.

Catch the video below before it’s taken down (everything off YouTube already has).

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