BREAKING! Hardwell quits DJing in shocking announcement

Hardwell quits DJing

If there was one DJ who grew in this decade and remained to be one of the top acts consistently, it is Hardwell. He is always in the news for one reason or the other due to his impeccable production skills and energy on stage. This time, he is in the news for a sudden and shocking announcement of retirement from live performances! YES, you heard that right.

The Breda-born DJ announced on the 7th September that he will not be touring anymore, post his show in Ibiza yesterday, the 6th of September. He confesses that he saw success coming his way three times as fast as years were passing for him and thought it was time to offer himself to family, friends and other aspects of life that he wishes to explore.

His schedules for the past 5 years especially has been quite incredible and not once did we see him short on energy. The decision comes on the reason that it “leaves too little energy, love, creativity, and attention” for his life as a normal person. He, however, has stated that he’ll be doing the All Ages show in the Ziggo Dome during ADE, later in the month of October.

This comes as a huge blow to the festival scene across the world as 2018 already saw the demise of Avicii. However, one must empathize with him and understand the stress that success brings along with it. Avicii’s death was also backed by the fact that his DJ life was drawing out too much from him and in that context, one may argue that Hardwell’s decision is justified.

The DJ and producer has however promised to keep continuing to produce music and says he’ll never let go of it. That ends an era of amazing stage performances from him and definitely, all the festivals and clubs that he lit up so far will miss this legend.

Here’s what he had to say.

Pavan Kumar



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