Legendary Single, “Sandstorm” By Darude Turns 20 Years Old

darude sandstorm mp3

“Sandstorm” produced by Trance DJ/Producer Darude celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday (October 26, 2019).

The track was first released in his home country, Finland, later went on to be released in many countries where it was an instant Radio/Dance floor hit. The track hit number one in many countries including the UK.

The track further received recognition after a professional league of legends gamer named “Brian Wyllie” streamed the track on his regular league of legends grind.

The track became an instant hit in meme and gaming communities. From being called the banger from 1999 to be the anthem of the earth, Sandstorm garnered many names from many fans across the time spectrum.

Here is a meme video that featured Sandstorm.

The track was also featured in a FBE react video.

The trance icon was very happy about the “Memefication” of the track and he was such a good sport that he also reacted to some of the innovative renditions of his creation.

The track never fails to deliver the highest levels of energy to any audience that it is still being played at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

What was your interaction with this gem of a track? Don’t forget to let us know below.


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