Martin Solveig’s Vibrant Return: ‘Back To Life’ Album Review

martin solveig back to life album

The wait is over! After more than a decade, Parisian house maestro Martin Solveig triumphantly returns, offering fans a musical feast with his latest album, “Back To Life.” Released on October 20th via POSITIVA/EMI, this album isn’t just a comeback; it’s a vibrant journey through Solveig’s musical evolution, brimming with catchy melodies, lively productions, and an array of talented voices adding depth and color to each track.

The album bursts into life with ‘I Don’t Wanna Work,’ featuring Stefflon Don’s compelling vocals dancing over Solveig’s unmistakable disco beats. It’s a lively opener, setting the stage for what’s to follow. Next up, ‘Coffee at Tiffany’s’ keeps spirits high, with Raphaella lending her sweet tunes to a backdrop of funky basslines, creating a track that’s hard to forget.

Solveig’s versatility shines throughout the album, notably in tracks like ‘Lost’ — a more contemplative piece that slows down the tempo, allowing listeners a moment of introspection. The mood shifts with ‘Bite Size,’ where Ina Wroldsen’s voice, combined with a pulsing disco beat, creates a potent mix of emotion and rhythm.

The heart of the album, ‘Allo Allo,’ stands out. Raphaella’s catchy hook is front and center, creating a melody that lingers long after the song ends. This is followed by the cool, relaxed vibes of ‘After Midnight,’ featuring MNDR, showcasing the album’s range and Solveig’s skill in crafting varied yet cohesive soundscapes.

‘Now Or Never’ is a highlight, a stirring anthem powered by Faouzia’s soaring vocals. It’s a track filled with emotion, likely to resonate with many. The album concludes with ‘Confettis & Rain,’ a soft, piano-led ballad that feels like a gentle wave goodbye. It’s a serene end to an album that’s a rollercoaster of emotions, solidifying Solveig’s mastery over musical storytelling.

Martin Solveig’s journey from spinning records in Paris’s iconic clubs to global stardom is a tale of relentless passion and innovation. His collaborations with heavyweights like David Guetta and his EUROPA project with Jax Jones illustrate his adaptability and his finger always being on the pulse of musical trends.

“Back To Life” represents more than just Solveig’s return; it’s a celebration of a career that has continually defied expectations. It’s a rich, musical tapestry that old fans will love and new fans will relish. With an exciting tour lined up and a presence set to grace stages in 2023, Martin Solveig isn’t just back; he’s brought a whole new zest to life and music. Prepare for a joyous ride!


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