Spotify helps you find a dog who has the same musical taste as you, with Adoptify!


It has been suspected by many people that, dogs have their own taste in music which has now been confirmed by the Glasgow University. Spotify launched Adoptify in partnership with an animal shelter in Germany to create matches between individuals looking to adopt pets basis the Glasgow university research. Who better than Spotify to understand peoples taste in music?

Have you thought about adopting a shelter pet? It is a tough decision, isn’t it? It is not only hard to pick a dog from the shelter from all those cute faces, it is also hard to understand, which one is meant for you. ‘Adoptify’ which was a result of the Spotify partnership with the Shelter – Tierschutzverein e.V. in Munich, is going to make this element easier, which essentially involves of finding your pet that shares your musical taste.

Everyone has, at some point experienced that, having the same taste in music helps bring together like-minded individuals, which in turn helps foster good relationships. Perhaps what is most interesting is that, dogs also have a musical taste just like us humans. This was revealed again by a study carried out by the University of Glasgow as part of a paper which suggests that music affects dogs’ behaviour.



Let’s understand what happened during this research. Researchers primarily played a variety of music to dogs at a re-homing centre in Dumbarton, and then, assessed the physiological and behavioural changes that the dogs went through. Professor Neil Evans said that, the most positive behavioural changes were noticed in dogs who heard reggae and soft rock. Even though these genres stood out, he added by saying – “Overall, the response to different genres was mixed highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences.”

Well, thanks to this study, there is now a brilliant initiative from Serviceplan Campaign X and Spotify, for the animal shelter in Munich that focusses on bringing together the right pet with their owner.

Jillian Moss who is responsible for PR, advertising and fundraising at the Tierschutzverein München e.V., says: “As animal welfare officers, we attach great importance to any kind of original communication and increased awareness among the wider population. We are proud to be pulling together with our two ‘Adoptify’ partners, who are both market leaders in their respective sectors.”

While Spotify supports this project as an intermediary, Hans-Peter Spore who is the Creative Director at Serviceplan Campaign X said, “No other music provider knows and analyses the musical preferences of their listeners as well as Spotify.” He also added by saying “We will use this to make recommendations to users by displaying dogs who like the same music in personalised video banners.”

All the animals in the videos are assigned to different music genres like electro, classic, pop, rock and hip hop waiting for their new dog owners. Looking at these videos, we want to go and adopt a shelter dog. If you are a dog owner, you must put your Spotify playlists on for them. Do tell us below, what music genre your dog likes!

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Paridhi Bhatiya


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