“Mexico, I’ll see you next year with Swedish House Mafia”: Steve Angello

swedish house mafia mexico

It’s time for the return of Swedish House Mafia on stage as Steve Angello confirms that the trio will play in Mexico, in 2019!

For almost one year, fans across the globe have been teased of the come-back in many ways.

From posters surfacing in many cities including London and hometown Stockholm, to them sharing news of spending time in the studio, SHM ensured that the world sat at the edge of its seat to hear from them next and finally, yeah finally the confirmation has come!

As Steve Angello just concluded his show at the Ultra Music Festival in Mexico, he took the mic to say “Mexico, I’ll see you next year with Swedish House Mafia”. With Ultra Miami facing issues regarding the venue, the come-back might just happen in Mexico. However, there’s no absolute confirmation whether Ultra Mexico will be their comeback stage.

Check out the announcement from Steve below and stay tuned for more updates!

Pavan Kumar


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