Top 20 Avicii songs that will forever be remembered

avicii songs

Top 20 Avicii songs


It has been quite a few months since the music world lost a gem of the highest order. Tim Bergling AKA Avicii is who we are talking about. Although it has been so long since his demise, the fans, and his peers just can’t stop remembering him.

Let’s take a look at the Top 20 Avicii songs that will never be forgotten.

20. My Feelings for You

The catchy track which features Sebastien Drums, came out in 2010 and is a remix of the 1999 release from French band Cassius. Featuring on the UK Singles Chart at 46 and #4 on the UK Dance chart, it gave Avicii a lot of momentum in his early days.

19. For A Better Day

The 2015 single from Avicii features vocals from Alex Ebert, and features on his album Stories. With an interesting music video, the track also did really well on the radio and commercially, topping in Hungary and peaking at #68 on the UK Singles chart.

18. Broken Arrows

With a video that features a true story from the 60s, the track is an inspiring one. Coming out in 2015, with uncredited vocals from Zac Brown, the track reached #1 in Hungary while peaking at #10 on the Billboard chart for US Hot Dance Songs.

17. Superlove

Taken from Lenny Kravitz’s album Black and White America, the track was remixed by Avicii in 2012. Featuring on the charts in UK, Belgium, Hungary, and the Netherlands, the track provides an incredibly catchy and addictive vibe.

16.X You

Coming out in 2014, it was Avicii’s final single from the Avicii X You project. Proving to be a real treat for progressive house fans, the track hit the charts in Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands and peaked at #9 on the UK Dance chart.

15. Lay Me Down

The exciting track the came out in 2014, quickly became a club-favorite as it features the talents of Nile Rodgers on the guitar and Adam Lambert on vocals. Featuring on multiple charts including #1 in Poland, the track also featured on a 2014 Lipton Ice Tea commercial.

14. Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

Coming out just a few months before his demise, the track saw the incredible vocals of Rita Ora and was also nominated for the Best Visual Effects at the 2018 MTV Music Awards. Topping the UK Dance chart and peaking at #4 on the UK Singles Chart, it saw huge success.

13. The Days

The soulful and rich track features Robbie Williams on the vocals and was out in 2014. Entering the UK Singles charts at 82 and the US Billboard Hot 100 at 78, the track truly made a lot of noise!

12. Fade Into Darkness

Another track that made the crowd sing along in any festival, was Fade Into Darkness. Peaking at #33 on the UK Dance charts and #4 on the Swedish charts, this is another track that set his career direction towards immense success.

11. Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza

Being the lead single of his Avici(01) EP, the track peaked at #1 on the Swedish charts twice. The intimate lyrical works on the track made it reach #1 after his demise as well, as people from around the world expressed their sorrow.

10. Addicted To You

Bringing in the vintage vibes, the track takes you on trip back in time. Topping the US Dance Club Songs and peaking at #14 on the UK Singles chart, the track is truly brings a smile on your face.

9. Seek Bromance

Coming out when Avicii made music under the Tim/Berg alias it was one of his earliest hits. Coming out in 2010, the track received immense support on radio and also peaked at #2 on the Dutch chart, while topping the US Dance Club Songs, UK Indie Chart, and the Belgian charts.

8. Silhouettes

The 2012 release went on to be a club favourite almost everywhere in the world. Receiving immense support and love, it set the stage right before Avicii could drop the iconic True album one year later.

7. You Make Me

Coming immediately after the release of Wake Me Up, the track went on to peak at #5 on the UK Singles Chart and also number one on the UK Dance chart- going ahead of Wake Me Up for a short time.

6. The Nights

“When I die, I want to be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made” is what sets off the song, which truly reminds us of the life Avicii lived and gives us goosebumps! The immense success of the song also saw it feature on EA Sports video game FIFA 15.

5. Waiting For Love

Premiering first at the UMF in 2015 alongside Maritn Garrix, the track went on to receive incredible reception worldwide. With multiples #1s on various European charts, the track peaked at #6 on the UK Singles chart and #7 on the US Hot Dance Songs.

4. I Could Be The One

We bet you’re no stranger to this track. Produced alongside Nicky Romero, the track makes it way onto the Top 10s in numerous charts and became a hot favourite in the club scene while it also received many features in the sets of elite DJs.

3. Hey Brother

One of Avicii’s most successful tracks ,Hey Brother, went onto to top the UK Dance Chart and peaked at #2 on the UK Singles Chart. Spending a good 22 weeks on the top 40 list, its immense popularity is marked by the 600 million views on YouTube (official video + lyric video combined)

2. Levels

You must be kidding me if you haven’t come across this song- even if you don’t listen to EDM! With a video that caught a lot of attention, the track broke the charts all around the world and received a mashup with one of the biggest hits of the decade- Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Reaching #1 on the UK and US dance charts, it became a favorite track almost everywhere.

1. Wake Me Up

We know you expected this, because there’s no competition to this track quite literally. The track surged his career into a whole new level, while garnering more than a massive 1.6 Billion YouTube views. There’s really no need to mention the charts it topped because every single major chart saw Wake Me Up at the top.

This was our take on the Top 20 Avicii songs – Which is your favourite Avicii song? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below.

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