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Have you ever wondered if there was anything living beyond this planet? Or what does our world look like to someone from another universe?

What if we managed to create a tool that connects us to someone out there? And what if they wish to show us their world? Ever had these thoughts running through your head? Science fiction has always fascinated most of us. We have watched sci-fi movies, TV shows, read books and comics and have even played video games. But ever heard of an album that can pique the interest of the science oriented section of your brain along with giving you an exhilarating hearing experience? Well, if you wish to experience this, here is Blueprint for you!

Ferry Corsten has always tried to push the boundaries of the genre by combining different musical elements and genres to create something magical. His tracks always have a story to tell. Animated by the thought of combining music and a story-line that surpasses the confines of this planet, ‘Blueprint’ is truly an exceptional one that captivates the listener immediately. There is an unpropitious story that spotlights on such themes as the presence of humankind and the longing to reach past our own world. The collection recounts the stories of Lukas and Vee as they leave on their epic adventure.

The album consists of seventeen tracks, each of which merges with the following track with the aid of an enthralling narrative. Voiced by Campbell Scott, it keeps you hooked to know what ensues. Drafting in acclaimed screenwriter David H Miller, the pair worked closely on story-boarding a narrative to accompany the album’s conceptual direction.

The album begins with “Reception” which is a narrative about how everything begins with a sound. It has different names around the planet, but it translates to simply “the drum”. The cinematic piano riff enhances the opening monologue and adds to the aura of mystery that has been generated.

The track flows into “Blueprint”, the track after which the album has been titled. Kicking off with a strong beat and a scintillating melody, Blueprint encapsulates the sci-fi vibes and charms you, leaving a tingling sensation making you want to know what happens next.

“Your Face” introduces you to Lukas, the protagonist of the story. Featuring the vocals of Eric Lumiere, it is a catchy number which describes Lucas, who is fascinated by “the drum” and goes ahead to create a humanoid robot.
“Venera –Vee’s theme” has uplifting undertones and enchants its listeners. This also marks the first interaction of Lukas and the listeners with Vee, the humanoid robot. Ferry shifts gears with “Something to believe in”. It’s different from the regular trance we listen to. It teases a R&B beat and progresses to a catchy beat.

“Waiting” features the deep and soulful vocals of Niels Geusebroek. Ferry uses “A World Beyond” to try to give his listeners an insight into Vee’s world. It deviates from his regular style and has a very progressive bassline along with a modular subtle bass wobble which can be heard echoing constantly in the background. “Wherever You Are” sticks to the old-school trance sounds. It is powerful, has high pitched synths and features the vocals of Haliene.

“Drum’s A Weapon” happens to be the most aggressive track on the album with its dark bassline. It is a hard-hitting track with loud and vicious synths and easily sticks around a heavy 138 beats per minute, perfectly capturing the tension the story wishes to achieve.

Blueprint aims to re code how music can deliver a story. It is a highly ambitious project which is a far cry from regular music albums. Ferry has taken a leap of faith and he has had a perfect landing with Blueprint. The album has been impeccably conceptualized and executed with absolute perfection. It gives the listener an out of the world experience and lets one traverse the galaxy and its dimensions.

It is highly emotive and each song perfectly anchors to the moods Ferry tries to recreate in the process of narrating and vividly picturing the intergalactic love story of Lukas and Vee along with touching upon the dimensions of religion, history, idea and science fiction.

This album is a brave attempt to revolutionize the way music and storytelling can be perceived and must hold a place in your collection. It enthralls you, sparks your imagination and curiosity, and keeps you gripped.

Grab your copy here.

Shivani Murthy

Shivani Murthy

Trance Enthusiast. Making people give trance a chance.
Shivani Murthy

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