Emperor – Shadow EP [Review]


After bursting on to the scene with his ‘Monolith’ and ‘Begin’ EP, Emperor, born Conor Corrigan, has become the face of Neuro Drum & Bass.

He’s been Critical Music’s biggest asset since his first release with the label in 2012. His first release with the label came shortly after his 18th birthday and since then Emperor has lead the charge for Neurofunk dishing some ridiculously massive peak-time bangers at breakneck pace, often rushing forward at around 170bpm, intricate production techniques, and razor sharp sound design.

Over the years, Emperor has experimented with many styles and techniques and one can spot the distinctive flair in his productions. Ranging from the tight and grippy tune ‘She Said’ to funk driven sounds of ‘Next Day’ to the deep and soul soothing number ‘Allure’.

Emperor already holds an album under his belt. Dispositions, a sixteen track album full of energy, warped basses and synthetic sounds that officially cemented Emperor’s place as one the most highly acclaimed producers in the game.

Fresh out of the flames from his previous venture on Neodigital, Emperor makes his mark returning with the hard hitting new SHADOW EP on Neosignal.

Emperor delivers 4 new belters – living up to the unique heavyweight Emperor production output with very little restriction. If you’re a fan of his catalogue, then this EP is no exception.

The title track ‘Shadow’ is Neurofunk all the way. It slides into a tech-steppy groove Emperor is known for and slams straight into a wall of ferocious neurofunk and the track ends with an outrageous outro.

‘Defect’ is just what you would expect from Emperor. The tune begins with a dark atmospheric intro and turns into an absolute stomper after the drop. Ridiculously amazing sampling and productions technique on this one.

‘Calypso’ is an absolute STINKER! The subtle intro leads into a devilishly dark and twisted drop. The drop can lead to an apocalypse. It’s THAT Heavy. Just like Shadow, the outro on Calypso gives a completely different twist to the track.

‘Tireless’ is a prime example of immaculate sound design and careful arrangement and by far our favourite tune from the EP. ‘Tireless’ maintains a steady tempo along with the distorted sounds until a ridiculously good switch up hits you midway and the changes the structure of the tune. Again, outrageous sound design.

Dig heavy, twisted and dark stuff? Go and Grab your copy NOW!

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