Review: Darude – Moments


We all know Darude as that “Sandstorm” guy. He has not been in the spotlight since 2007 except for a remix here & there. But after a silent period of around 8 years, Darude is back with his latest album called “Moments” – and it’s nothing as we expected. Seems like Darude has moved on from the same old Trance sounds. His latest LP includes tracks from genres like electro and progressive House. There is something for classic Darude fans as well. Read below to get an insight on each track.

Darude – Beautiful Alien (feat. AI AM)

The opening track & one of the highlights of the album surprises us with catchy vocals and an electro riff in the background. Energy is unleashed when the beat drops with a guitar/electro synth making it a total club destroyer.

Darude – Be With You Tonight (feat. Will Sly)

This track starts with a Groovy Progressive melody with amazing vocals from Will Sly. The drop transforms into a complete progressive track with a catchy chord progression, making it a powerful club anthem.

Darude – Coming Home (feat. Mahan Moin)

This track stands out from others as in addition to the catchy vocals, the main lead is of an acoustic guitar which creates the perfect summer vibes. The drop includes the same guitar riff with a warm house style drum loop.

Darude – Moments (feat. Sebastian Reyman)

The lead song of the album is an Electro House track. With warm piano chords & vocals in the breakdown, the track totally deviates from its path and surprises the listener with a Hardcore Bigroom/Electro Drop. Electro lovers are on for a treat.

Darude – Warrior

A piece of art for the Bassheads, surprisingly Darude is into Dubstep also. This track has a perfect 2012 style, filthy Dubstep Drop. And when u least expect it, there is an amazing Progressive House drop in the last.

Darude – Supersized (& Caater)

The breakdown in this track includes a Bigroom melody but the drop is totally old School Electro House style. Takes the listener back to 2009. If you are still into it, this track is perfect for you.

Darude – One Lifetime (feat. Sebastian Reyman)

What’s different about this track is that the piano melody in the breakdown is outstanding. Yet another hard hitting Electro House drop in this one.

Darude – Turn The Light On (feat. Will Sly)

A perfect balance between a trancy Breakdown & a heavy bass line infused Drop. Definitely one of the highlights of the album.

Darude – Till I Could Find (& Weirdness)

The combination of sharp Bass Lines & catchy vocals adds to the melody of the track. The riff influenced by heavy electro house gives the track a much better feel during the drop.

Darude – Peace Revisited (& Apocalyptica)

A mixture of house beats in the intro and the drop while having a blissful melody in the breakdown! The track can easily beautify a trance set.

Darude – No More Tears To Cry (feat. Kristiina Wheeler)

The last track on the album, Lovely combination of melodic chords & vocals calms the listener down. This track is lovely and can easily make it into one’s chillout playlist.

In a nutshell, the album is a compilation of various genres and the fans are gonna see that it’s not just about SANDSTORM!!! Darude proves that he is much more than that.

We also had a word with Darude about ‘Moments’. You can read our chat here!

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