Mix Of The Week: Nate VanDeusen

Deep House Mix 2024

Hailing from the bustling streets of New York, Nate VanDeusen emerges as a beacon in the world of deep house music.

His unique blend of electronic dance rhythms with rich instrumental and vocal textures has created a sound that’s unmistakably his own. With over 65 million Spotify streams, Nate has etched his name in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

In 2023, he dazzled the electronic music community, racking up over 28 million streams, and he’s not stopping there. As summer 2024 approaches, fans eagerly await the release of new hits, following the sensational success of “Across The Ocean,” which alone has garnered over 7.5 million streams.

Nate’s journey isn’t just about numbers; it’s a story of continuous evolution and connection. He brings his music closer to fans through social media platforms, making his presence felt with engaging reels and TikTok shorts.

His versatility is evident as his tracks feature on major playlists like “Feeling Good, Feeling Great,” “New Music Daily,” and “Chill House,” showcasing his ability to traverse various musical landscapes from Tropical House to Electro Chill and Deephouse Delight.

As Nate VanDeusen takes over the 246th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in his deep house universe. Join us as we experience the melodic journey crafted by this remarkable producer, songwriter, singer, and composer.


00:00 Nate VanDeusen, VonDeep, Toby Rose – Sweater Weather
03:24 Nate VanDeusen, Bayshore Court – Chasing The Sun
05:40 Nate VanDeusen, Horizon Blue, Michael Hausted – Across The Ocean
08:04 Nate VanDeusen, Iaco – Rollercoaster of My Life (feat. Sam Heselwood)
10:30 Nate VanDeusen, Bayshore Court – One Headlight
12:50 Nate VanDeusen, Horizon Blue – Summer on Repeat
15:06 Nate VanDeusen, Abraham Colona, Allen Folk – When The Sun Goes Down
17:40 Nate VanDeusen, Bayshore Court – Bonnie and Clyde
20:30 Nate VanDeusen, Bayshore Court – Island In The Sun
22:52 Nate VanDeusen, Horizon Blue, Michael Hausted – That Song We Know
24:36 Nate VanDeusen, Bayshore Court – Be Our Day
26:28 Nate VanDeusen, Horizon Blue – A Little Bit Of Summer (feat. Michael Hausted)


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