Watch robots play techno music


It has been proven by Moritz Simon Geist that, you don’t need expensive equipment to create musical beats. All you need is a troop of robots, some strobe lights and the love for music.

Now doesn’t that make you feel that the future is already here? Mortiz who is a media artist and robotic musician published the world’s first techno record played entirely by self-made futuristic robots. The 4-track EP is set to be released by 12th October 2018 followed by a full-length album i.e. ‘The Material Turn‘ on 16th November 2018.

When Mortiz plays a techno show, he does not go for his laptop, he reaches out for his troop of robots, that create heart thumping techno sounds. To this Mortiz adds by saying,

“I wake up with them in the morning and think about music robots at night. Why? Because I think that electronic music has evolved and I am very bored with music synthesizers, modular synthesizers, samplers, and computers,” Geist continued. “I want future! Robots! And techno!”

Evolution is definitely taking place at a faster pace today. Each of Geist’s robots is custom-made in his workshop in Dresden, Germany. They are all engineered perfectly to produce different sounds for example Kalimba. Some of these robots are made from metal pieces and 3D printed parts while others are made with a screwdriver tapping a metal lid that makes a pleasant tinging noise. For Geist, this is definitely a way to push new boundaries in electronic music making.

robots play techno music

To create musical robots, Geist dropped out of his Ph.D. program and quit his job at the research lab. He created a Glitch robot that created glitch, metallic noises, Tripods which are also called the sonic installations which are built from hard drive actuator arms and motors that, mechanically ping metal pieces and springs. You can watch Geist create techno sounds with his creations here.

When Geist was asked on why he created these, he said, “A lot of electronic laptop compositions, they don’t have a body, I’m trying to give this body back to electronic music.”

Perhaps, this is the future of electronic music i.e. sonic robots creating new sounds. Geist has managed to create something increasingly rare in the realm of electronic music, and when you watch him play, you will notice that his eyes are locked on the stage.

robots play techno music

We are waiting to hear his 4-track EP releasing next month. What are your thoughts about robots creating music, tell us below!

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