T.H.E Interview – Danni X

Growing up, Danni Eckstein was surrounded by rock music and religion. The former developed her passion for writing while Catholicism developed into a strong inspiration for her creative avenues. “LU$T,” the sexually charged and silky debut single to be released under the moniker of DANNI X, was written with religious teaching at the forefront.

T.H.E Interview – Kiba

Some releases astound even the harshest critics. Some releases are so powerful and inventive that everyone stops and takes stock of the majesty of them. Kiba’s ‘Echoes’ is one of those. Inherently beautiful, powerful and with production that is inimitably Kiba, the EP had so much to offer.

T.H.E Interview – Anna Lee

Anna Lee is storming the Dance music scene recently, but we know it is sometimes hard to keep your finger firmly on the pulse in the digital world of music.

T.H.E Interview – Sergio T

Sergio T’s creativity knows no bounds. The young producer has taken 2018 by the scruff of the neck, showing his immense passion for music and his plan to get everybody in Dance music on his side.

T.H.E Interview – Alexis Harte

Alexis Harte is a prolific musician who gained notoriety for his extensive work in film and television including Google Spotlight Stories’ Oscar-nominated animation VR short Pearl, for which he created original lyrics and music.

T.H.E Interview – Bear Grillz

Bear Grillz’ meteoric rise into the Pantheon of bass music legends was predicated on a philosophy of love for the scene and the necessity of always grinding as hard as you can.

T.H.E Interview – Sullivan King

Sullivan King is the under-the-radar rebel with a mighty cause: The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist/producer and solidified guitar god is setting out to shatter the mold and to disrupt the electronic world—one lick at a time.

T.H.E Interview – Will Sparks

At 23 years young, Will Sparks has cemented his position at the forefront of the globally loved Melbourne sound.

T.H.E Interview – Zero T

After 19 years working with a huge spectrum of DnB greats, London based Irishman Cian McCann aka Zero T has long since established his place in the scene.

T.H.E Interview – Fox Stevenson

Unhindered by the constraints of a particular genre, Fox Stevenson (formerly “Stan SB”) pushes against imposed limitations.

T.H.E Interview – Kiran M Sajeev

Kiran M Sajeev, what’s not to praise about this super talented Indian producer? Hailing from Kerala, this self learned music producer has created waves in the industry and has successfully put India on the global trance map!

T.H.E Interview – Novado

The eternal Dance music anthem that is ‘Push The Feeling On’ has now been given the Novado remix treatment.

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