T.H.E Interview – D.O.N.S. & Game Chasers

After meeting at ADE last year, Global chart topping German DJ/Producer D.O.N.S. teamed up with Grammy nominated Game Chasers on the new single ‘Can’t Let You Go’.

T.H.E Interview – Sahil Joshi (The Dirty Code)

Sahil Joshi & Urvil Shah, together known as the The Dirty Code are Electronic Dance Music Producer turned DJs from Mumbai who specialize in house music.

T.H.E Interview – Florian Picasso

‘Picasso’ is no stage name; Florian is the great-grandson of the mighty Pablo, adopted by the Picasso family after being born Vietnamese.

T.H.E Interview – Arias

Since he was young, French DJ/Producer ARIAS has found in music an incomparable passion for which he decided to dedicate himself entirely. His curiosity leads him to discover the world of musical production that has always been attractive for him.

T.H.E Interview – Mike Mago

Every major city around the world has that one guy, who’s always on top of the freshest sounds and most cutting edge records.

T.H.E Interview – Marcus Santoro

Having already picked up more than a dozen plays and invited as a guest mixer on Above & Beyond’s ‘Group Therapy’ radio show including the coveted ‘Push The Button’ feature, Melbourne’s Marcus Santoro is proving why he is becoming known as one of the fastest rising Trance artists in Australia.

T.H.E Interview – Hollaphonic & Quino

Award winning Dubai based electronic duo Hollaphonic have teamed up with rising Dutch DJ/producer Quino to co-produce the single ‘Don’t Walk Away’.

T.H.E Interview – Alexis Troy

Multi-platinum producer Alexis Troy, reveals the powerful video clip for “Keta” directed by Jens Wirtzfeld and Thorben Winkler.

T.H.E Interview – Orjan Nilsen [Backstage At ULTRA Europe 2017]

Dedicated, hardworking, and energetic – three words that are probably the best attempt to briefly describe what the Norwegian hot-shot Orjan Nilsen is about.

T.H.E Interview – 7Grams

How does one begin to tell the tale of an artist inspired by their life experiences and musical feelings? How does an artist identify with a global subconscious and the music industry as a whole? In an increasingly globalized world, saturation has been a recent and central focus of the electronic music wave that has been going on for around four decades now.

T.H.E Interview – Peking Duk

“Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better.”

T.H.E Interview – Rodg & Ruben De Ronde

What can we say about Ruben De Ronde and Rodg? The two Dutch Powerhouses recently collaborated for a collective album, Togetherr, which released last month.

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