Best Tiesto Songs: 20 Songs That Will Forever Be Remembered


Tiësto is a name that resonates within the hearts of many in the electronic dance music community. This legend not only stood the test of time but also continued to deliver solid performances till date.

Tiësto is often referred to as the “Godfather of electronic dance music” and that too for fairly good reasons. He always found new talents and as a result of that, superstar DJs like Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Avicii were seen on the main-stage delivering massive tunes. He continues to do the very same every single year. He was also the first DJ to perform at Olympics. Yes, you read that right, Olympics.

This legend has always pushed out masterpieces and graced the community from time to time and we decided to list twenty such tracks that really hit the home run for us. We also decided to not rank them because they are equally good in their own ways.


Tiësto & KSHMR feat. Vassy – Secrets

This collaboration between Tiesto and then rising star KSHMR featuring Vassy’s mysterious vocals is not an ordinary track. It was played all across the radio and is still played by Tiësto in almost every set. This track also hit the Billboard top 40 in 2015.

Tiësto ft. BT – Love Comes Again

“Love Comes Again” was released under his massively successful album “Just Be” and for any Electronic music fan from the Trance era, this is staple music.

Tiësto & The Chainsmokers – Split (Only U)

This record is one of the most iconic intro tracks and also amongst the most used intro tracks by Tiësto. This track is often played at many sporting events. Its anthem-like atmosphere is what makes it stand out from the rest.

Tiësto – Kaleidoscope (feat. Jónsi)

This track was the product of Tiësto experimenting with the newly born electro back in 2009 and is considered as one of the final trance masterpieces delivered by the legend. This was also the title track for his fourth studio album.

Tiësto – Maximal Crazy

Maximal Crazy is one of the best electro tracks ever made. Heavy basslines and electro inspired synthesizers really kept the crowd going. Long live electro.

Tiësto – Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

Featured in the album “Elements of Life”, “Ten Seconds Before Sunrise” provides a serene and calm atmosphere whilst providing much needed footwork to any dance audience.

Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76

When two Breda residents joined forces, a minimal house banger was born and that is “Zero 76”. The record derives its name from Breda’s area code which happens to be the birth place of these great collaborators.

Tiësto featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be

Graced by the vocals of Kirsty Hawkshaw, “Just Be” is the title track for Tiësto’s second studio album. With delicate melody and unique arrangements, “Just Be” still stands out to be a unique and godly Trance anthem. Many confuse the original mix with the Antillas club mix, but we did our good amount of digging and found the original for you. Give it a listen.

Tiësto feat. CC Sheffield – Escape Me

“Escape me” is another timeless gem from Tiësto’s fourth studio album “Kaleidoscope”. With a steady chirpy melody, “Escape me” makes for a great radio friendly track and a great sing along in any festival. This trance-house-indie Hybrid surely turned a lot of heads.

Tiësto – Traffic

Trance has had many anthems during the past years and Tiësto’s “Traffic” is nothing short of one. With rave inspired basslines and a striking melody, “Traffic” definitely takes over the mind and body of anyone who is listening to it.

Tiësto – Red Lights

With gentle vocals and soothing electro vibes running all across, this record makes for a perfect summer anthem and sounds nostalgic for any Tiësto fan. It is really hard to believe that this track came out six years ago.

Tiësto – Elements of Life

Mixture of melody and pulsating bassline that reflects on the very aspects of life, the name “Elements of life” makes perfect sense for this record. This track is also the title track for Tiësto’s third studio album.

Tiësto & Sevenn – BOOM

First premiered during Ultra 2017, “Boom” surely made a big statement in mainstream electronic music. With strong Brazilian Bass influences, the track pushes for a good groove and stayed among the audience for almost a year. It also received a vocal version from Gucci Mane.

Tiësto – Forever Today

Tiësto has had many intro records during his trance era and the one that stands out of the most will be “Forever Today”. With an elaborate orchestral section and a delicate opening followed by an equally uplifting climax “Forever Today” entices its listener and prepares them for a ride.

John Legend – All of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Remix)

Back in 2014, Tiësto made a bootleg out of John Legend’s All of Me and to his surprise John Legend made it an official remix and to add up to further surprises, Tiesto bagged a Grammy for that remix. Just like its journey, this track is nothing short of surprises.

Tiësto – Adagio for Strings

Originally composed by Samuel Barber, “Adagio for strings” saw its fair share of remixes in the trance world. Many great producers like William Orbit and Ferry Corsten produced their own rendition of this classic piece. But the one that stood out the most was from Tiësto himself. With a heavy drum and percussion arrangement, Tiësto successfully translated a classic piece into an energetic dance track. This track was one of the prime reasons for his performance at Athens Olympics.

Martin Garrix and Tiësto – The Only Way Is Up

As mentioned earlier, Tiësto always looked for talented artists and when Martin Garrix was coming up in the electronic music scene, he took no time to collaborate with him on a track. “Only Way Is Up” provides a solid electro melody alongside pure vocal chops and light basslines.

Tiësto – Lethal Industry

With rave horns and a grinding bassline, “Lethal industry” surely stands as one of the greatest rave records in the history of electronic dance music. Apart from being a great piece of rave art, it has inspired many artists like Hardwell to take up DJing.

Tiësto – Wasted ft. Matthew Koma

Tiësto made many summer anthems, but nothing comes any close to his very own “Wasted”. Featuring vocals from Mathew Koma, “Wasted” explores a more downtempo Pop oriented theme while providing a smooth radio friendly track. This track went on to chart US Hot 100 and Billboard top 40 the very same year.

Delirium – Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan) (DJ Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise Edit)

If there was one track that put DJ Tiësto in the spotlight, that would be his rendition of Delirium’s “Silence” featuring vocals from Sarah McLachlan. With sweeping melodies and trancey vocals, “Silence” safely secures a spot in the all-time Trance favorites list.

This ends our short list of the best tiesto songs. We would really love to know your favorities too. Let us know which Tiësto tracks will forever be in your playlist.

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