Review: Dirty South – With You


Celebrated DJ/Producer Dirty South recently released an album, along with a musical, titled ‘With You’.


Its about a boy who meets with an accident and a girl who magically brings him back to life and disappears. The boy then embarks on a journey to look for the girl. Read on for our review of the official soundtrack for the movie.

“Run Run Run” is the perfect intro to the album, creating the required magical feeling that would work wonders on this story. Vocals are great too.

“One breath” has beautiful vocals and the words are meaningful and effective enough to communicate the feelings between two people madly in love.

After “City of Dreams”, Ruben Haze and Dirty South come together again for “In The Shadow”, which sounds a lot like what an Avicii track these days would sound like. It has a very calm melody though, and is made to be heard on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Gita Lake successfully expresses strong emotions through “Freefallin'”, an almost chill track. Dirty South works wonders here by keeping it minimal, and letting the vocals be the star attraction of this track.

Some more brilliant production can be heard on “Tunnel Vision”, a very well produced edgy track. It’s a bit different from all the previous tracks, almost moving up one gear in intensity.

“Walking On The Su”n sounds very inspired from Australian e-rock band Empire of The Sun, and for an e-rock track, sounds very very good. The melody is great, and the overall vibe from the track is fantastic.

Kids Without Instruments make another appearance on the album after Run Run Run, this time on the track “The Best Days”.

This track is a lot deeper than the simplistic “Run Run Run”, and communicates the feelings of a couple enjoying the time of their life.

“The Unknown” is a chill track, where despite nothing much happening, a lot is happening. The rock influence is clearly visible here, and keeping a lot of EDM sound out of this track helps it retain its charm. The guitar melody is almost heavenly on this track, and is thankfully not overdone.

“Drifting” is aptly titled, and communicates the drifting apart of the boy and the girl. Ruben Haze lends his vocals to a very vital part of the track. Dirty South does the rest, with a subtle rock melody. The words are very important and must be understood to completely get the track.

“Live Love Forever” is a lot more progressive sounding than most tracks on the album. The vocals again are vital, and the words help one understand that happy and hopeful vibe of the track.

“Unbreakable” only adds to the CV of Sam Martin, featured previously on Avicii and David Guetta’s “Lovers on The Sun”. He is once again the star of the track, and Dirty South completely understanding this builds the track around Sam’s vocals. This is also the track most similar to any of Dirty South’s previous works, and is again a remarkable production.

It would be wrong to call “With You” an album. It really isn’t, and can be better described as an emotional journey reaching the light at the end of tunnel after going through the various phases of dreaded darkness. It’s dark where it should be, and full of light and hope the rest of the time. You’ll definitely have to watch the movie to grasp the art behind the music, as the music is only half of the “With You” experience. Dirty South is the clear winner here, and after a lot of the work we’ve seen this year, this too turns its back on mainstream EDM and makes you feel beautiful music.

You can purchase the album here.

– Review by Shantanu Puro.

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