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Thom Jongkind (22) and Idir Makhlaf (20), better known as producer/deejay duo Blasterjaxx in the music industry, are anything but the same. While one is often prominent and empowering, the other prefers staying quietly in the background – a fairly high contrast in character. However, there is one significant reason for the phenomenal connection between these two personalities: their passion and love of music.


Many successes and milestones followed which resulted in the fact that Blasterjaxx are now seen as one of the most promising EDM artists in the world. Something Thom & Idir are very down-to-earth with, but the facts don’t lie. For example Tiësto asked them in person to remix his worldwide hitsingels “Adagio for strings & “Love Comes again”; and asked the guys to do a collaboration on the remix of “United”, the official anthem of Ultra Music Festival. Also their’ collaboration with Quintino “Puzzle”, the official Blasterjaxx “More” remix(from Laidback Luke, Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike) and the “Koala EP” achieved top rankings in the Beatport Chart Top 100. This translated itself to support from the biggest deejays on earth: David Guetta, Hardwell, Afrojack, Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero and many more.

Check out our interview with the duo below where they discuss the thinking behind “Our Story Till Now – Blasterjaxx Mini Film”, their association with Laidback Luke and Mixmash Records, playing at mainstage of Ultra Music Festival 2014 and plenty more!

T.H.E – What were Thom and Idir doing music-wise before they formed Blasterjaxx?

Thom: At first I started a solo project named “Scalix”.

Idir: My solo project went by the name of “Macosta”.

T.H.E – Which artists did you’ll listen to a lot?

Blasterjaxx – Tiësto & Hardwell both were our heroes back in the days.

T.H.E – Are you’ll always looking at making new tracks? Because you’ll have had a lot of the releases in the past few months!

Blasterjaxx – Lately we’re very busy touring the world, but we always schedule studio time to work on music projects, this way we try to keep up our quality releases!

T.H.E – A lot of your tracks seem to be influenced by the famous Dutch house style. Is it something that you Guys always had in mind? Or did it seem to be influenced by artists you used to listen to a lot? Has the idea of experimenting with another style crossed your mind?

Blasterjaxx – Our main focus has always been to try something new and it that process there will be always a crossover to different styles, and that is also what we’re trying to do.

T.H.E – Your remix of Armin van Buuren’s Save My Night remix was absolutely massive! Tell us how it came along and how did it feel to get a remix request from such a huge artist?

Blasterjaxx – Yeah, that was amazing. Through our management, we heard the news that Armin van Buuren was charmed by our music and that he wanted us to provide a remix of his latest single. We couldn’t believe it at first, Armin van Buuren is such a legend.

T.H.E – Describe the feeling of playing at the mainstage of Ultra Music Festival 2014.

Blasterjaxx – This was another dream come true. Playing at one of the leading festivals in the world was something we couldn’t think of a year ago. Standing there was amazing, the best feeling in the world.

T.H.E – Since the Mixmash association your careers sort of skyrocketed. How did your association with Laidback Luke start?

Blasterjaxx – Mixmash is where it all started. At some point we decided to switch to the style we’re well know of nowadays. We made the track “Reborn” & “Where we go” with D-Rashid. When Laidback Luke heard the tracks he wanted to sign them immediately and that is where it all began.

T.H.E – You’ll have had releases on major labels like Revealed Recordings, Protocol Recordings and Mixmash Recordings. How does it feel to get support from these huge artists and their labels?

Blasterjaxx – We’re very honoured that these big artists are supporting our tracks.

T.H.E – What was the thinking behind “Our Story Till Now – Blasterjaxx Mini Film”? How has the response been?

Blasterjaxx – We wanted to share our crazy journey with all our fans, the response was overwhelming. A lot of heartwarming reactions on the film, we’re very grateful for that.

T.H.E – There is a booming EDM scene and a lot of Blasterjaxx fans in India. Is an India tour on the cards soon?

Blasterjaxx – On social media, we notice a lot of fans from India and without even being there, we love our Indian fans already big time! We hope to reveal an India tour very soon.

T.H.E – What will we be seeing from Blasterjaxx in 2014-15?

Blasterjaxx – A lot of Blastermadness… What this will be, you will find out very soon :)

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