5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music

tips to produce commercial dance music
5 Tips on how to produce commercial dance music

5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music

It’s every youngster’s dream to feature on the top lists of Beatport, Spotify, and Billboard among the many. Although most people have the skill and intent, they may not be able to make that cut due to a variety of other reasons which are equally essential. Here are the top 5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music

It takes the right kind of approach, the correct platform, support and great amount of insight into the minds of the audience in order to create something that will top the charts. Hence, to put things in place, Toolroom academy has some tips to produce Commercial Dance Music.

Here are the tips from Toolroom Academy:

Make Sure The Vocal Is Right

Firstly, 99% of crossover records have a feature vocal, or at least some tangible vocal melody, but not only that, it has to be good. Not all vocals need to be performed to an exceptionally high level, but a “hook” is almost entirely necessary. Think laterally when it comes to processing, if your vocal needs something extra, don’t be afraid to add some effects to spice it up. Make a habit of experimentation, but be aware that no amount of processing will fix an average vocal.  How does that old saying go again? You can’t polish what?

Strip It Back

Nowadays with the launch of Splice and the general growth of the sample packs industry, an enormous sound library seems like an essential feat, but in reality, when it comes to Pop House… it’s sometimes necessary to strip it back. The fewer elements used, the easier it will be to create a massive sound. Minimal instrumentation means your elements can be pushed much further due to the larger stereo space. This enhances clarity and boldness whilst allowing space for your vocal to sit nicely on top.

Upgrade Your Gear

When it comes to studio gear, it’s always good practice to keep your finger on the buzzer, both in and outside of the box. Often, new technology can define the sound of what’s heard in the charts. Generally being culturally aware can help you predict trends and get ahead of the game. For example, fashion and music go hand in hand. Have you noticed the number of young people dressing in 90’s attire? Have you noticed the amount of 90’s inspired Dance tracks?

Put Your Whole Self in The Music

Often, aesthetics and style choices can be hard to think up, so let your personal tastes guide your musical ones. The best way to get the most out of a production session is to transpose your emotional thoughts and tastes into your project. Ask yourself what excites you and consider how to put that down into your record.

You don’t, by any means, need to invent something new, but you should have the courage to freely experiment with your own ideas rather than analysing someone else’s work. As always, those tried and tested formulas will always work, but putting your stamp on your work will always help you stand out from the crowd.

Place A Heavy Emphasis on Mixdown

On the most part, if you want your track to even stand a chance of gaining commercial success, you above all else need have a flawless and dynamic mix. A solid mix will sound good on all systems; be it on the radio, in the club, in the car or on your headphones.

If you’re unsigned and have a great idea for a track, but your mix is a little rusty, why not invest in a professional mix? More often than not those artists who invest their own money into their craft, end up being the ones who fast track themselves to success.

Find the full article here. Share it with all those around you who are slogging it in the EDM industry- you might just propel someone’s career right into the orbits.

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