A beginner’s guide to Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance

Founded in 1996, the Amsterdam Dance Event will be marking its 20th anniversary this year.

The event organizers are expecting 365,000 visitors from all over the world which will make Amsterdam one of the busiest cities in October. It is one of the most anticipated events on the calendar, as the Dutch capital explores the depth of electronic dance music through a series of events, club nights and conferences across the city.

What is it that makes ADE one of the most anticipated events of the year?

To get you in the mood for ADE, and before you dive into the madness, we want to give you an overview of what the Amsterdam Dance Event is all about.

From the evolution, to the complete program of the festival, to what’s in store for every enthusiast here is a complete breakdown for every artist or a fan. Read on!

The Evolution

Amsterdam Dance

Amsterdam Dance

Amsterdam Dance

From a Dutch music professional’s business meeting, ADE has grown to be an international dance festival, which allows musical enthusiasts to network, get first eyes on music and technology, and deep dive into the new and emerging trends in the realm of Music.

The program

Amsterdam Dance

Amsterdam Dance

The festival brings together potential businesses ,and allows for strong networking amongst its attendees. Apart from witnessing latest musical trends, ADE offers music enthusiasts a day time program, which includes exhibitions, in store promotions, pop up stores and film screenings through out the city. It is one of the most anticipated events for all enthusiasts as it not only acts as a large play ground for all musical enthusiasts but also, caters to each of their interests. This year with about 140 locations, ADE will have a conference day, a festival night and a play ground full of music for 5 days and nights.

The Takeaway

Amsterdam Dance

Amsterdam Dance

While most enthusiasts come to ADE for music and dance, there are also professional delegates that visit ADE who exchange their ideas and thoughts on electronic music and more. Musician or not you can attend the entire event, and get your hands on your latest equipment in any of the workshops over the course of the festival.

Meeting artists, talking to your most loved musicians, learning about latest musical trends and technology; this dance event is the center of the global international dance music network. It grows each year into a bigger event that hosts performances of pioneers and emerging talents.

So if you’re interested in attending ADE, don’t wait to sort out your travel and tickets; stay tuned for more information here.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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