From “City Of Dreams” To “Years”, which are the best Alesso songs of all time?

best alesso songs

Best Alesso Songs Of All Time

Dance music has seen many iconic talents that rose to fame this decade. One such name would be Alesso, who in all ways, has taken the world by storm with his unique, well-crafted productions. His taste for music is really commendable, enabling him to produce hit songs time and again. Here are our favourite picks from his music – Top 15 Alesso Songs Of All Time.

15. Take my breath away – Alesso

A soulful display of dance music and emotive lyrics of this track helped it stack up millions of hits online. If this is the first time you’re reading something about Alesso’s music, you’d already have been impressed by this track – but read on, there’s more.

14. If It Wasn’t For You – Alesso

It would be quite right to call this track a seductive one. Honestly, it will help you get lost into a world of bliss and excitement, while inspiring you with the lyrical works!

13. Remedy – Alesso

This 2018 release was one of Alesso’s most unique tracks. Offering a happy feeling, while drenching you in an intensity that has very few parallels, this track offers hope and solace! And oh, the music video is a must watch!

12. TIME – Alesso

With a futuristic vibe to it, the track surely shows the caliber of this superstar producer. An unfailing quality to set you grooving instantly, it truly brings a smile on your face. The success of the track also caused Alesso to remix it with Deniz Koyu, which came out recently.

11. City of dreams – Alesso, Dirty South feat. Ruben Haze

Led by a guitar hook that’s absolutely captivating, this track sets you up for an intense ride. A thoroughly enjoyed festival – favourite, the progressions on this track are iconic, to say the least!

10. I Wanna Know – Alesso feat. Nico & Vinz

This soulful 2016 release is one that stands out from many of Alesso’s top tracks. Without a lot of fuss, the producer has added a unique charm to this track, that complements the vocals!

9. Sweet Escape feat. Sirena

Dynamic and powerful in its approach, this one surely is inspirational in nature. You will definitely lose yourself to this track’s drop if you ever happen to be at an Alesso show!

8. Years – Alesso feat. Matthew Koma

If you’ve not heard this track at a part you’ve been to, you’ve never been to the right parties at all! The incredible vocals of Matthew Koma and the iconic melody of this track are well-known world over and the song is certainly one of his most iconic ones.

7. Falling – Alesso

This bouncy track from Alesso totally transports you to a world of bliss! The iconic vocals on this, coupled with the deep bassline helped the track peak at #72 on the UK Singles Chart.

6. Let Me Go – Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso feat. Florida Georgia Line, WATT

Having been one of his most popular collaborations, this track surely offers a bright vibe, which causes you to get glued to it! It spent a long time on the UK Charts, with a peak position of #30.

5. Cool – Alesso feat. Roy English

A perfect blending of beautiful lyrics, melodies, emotions, and absolute power is what his track is an example of! Helping you feel light and calm, the track also ensures you jump till you’re tired, for sure. With a peak position of #10 on the UK Charts, it made a lot of noise.

4. If I Lose Myself – Alesso vs One Republic

This has to be the track that largely gained him huge recognition across the globe. It took the festival scene by storm and also ruled the major charts for a long time. The track hit #74 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

3. Calling – Lose My Mind – Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder

This track with his mentor Ingrosso, has been one of our all-time favourite tracks! Rocking the dance floors all over the world, it also dominated the radio space with #4 on the UK Dance charts and a #1 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs.

2. Heroes – Alesso feat. Tove Lo

Just as his popularity was on the rise, this track propelled it to a whole new level. Inspiring a large mass of people across the globe, it went on to receive multi-platinum certification in many countries while topping the UK Dance chart and peaking at #31 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

1. Under Control – Calvin Harris and Alesso feat. Hurts

And here we go… the number one Alesso track! Well, you guessed it didn’t you? There’s barely any dance music fan who hasn’t lost his mind to this track at a festival! With a #1 on the UK Dance chart and the UK Singles Chart, this one just rocked the air space!

So those are our top picks (Best Alesso Songs Of All Time) from this incredible talent. What do you have to say about it? Let us know below.

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