Interracial Couples In Music: How Is Love Born?


Are you cool with the swirl? If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, it’s a popular way to refer to interracial relationships, which are on the rise. Many more couples are now interracial, with examples seen in every country and represented in every industry.

Music has often prided itself on being ahead of the field for diversity and inclusivity, and that’s the case for interracial relationships too. We look at some interracial couples in music and how to navigate an interracial relationship of your success.

Famous Interracial Couples in Music

Stars, like ordinary people, can meet both live and online looking for interracial dating. A great way to start relationships is online chatting with girls because it gives you the chance to get to know each other before meeting up. Dating websites with chatrooms are a good way of meeting new interracial people as users can chat and connect in a safe and quick manner.

By the way, artists are typically more open-minded than the general public, so interracial relationships have been the norm for a long time within music.

Three examples of famous interracial couples include:

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach

The famous singer Tina Turner is arguably the most iconic female black rock star of all time, having enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame and a string of hits across the decades. Although famous for her turbulent relationship with Ike Turner, her relationship with German record producer Erwin Bach has been her true love affair. 16 years her junior, Erwin Back first met Tina in 1985 when he collected her from the airport. The attraction was instant, and they quickly became a couple, although they didn’t marry until 13 years later.

John Legend and Chrissie Teigen

John Legend is an award-winning singer, writer, and producer with multiple Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Golden Globes to his name. In 2013 he married Chrissie Teigen, a TV personality and model of Thai and Norwegian heritage. The couple has gone on to have two children together conceived by IVF. Sadly a third child was stillborn in 2020, but Teigen and Legend supported each other through their grief.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana

The Rhythm Nation star has been unlucky in love, but with her third husband, Janet Jackson found happiness in 2010. Wissam Al Mana is of Qatar descent, and the couple split their time between London, Dubai, and New York. In 2012 they married in secret before having a baby in 2016, making Janet – aged 50 – the oldest celebrity mum to have a baby via IVF at that time.

Where to Meet a Like-Minded Person

If interracial couples inspire you in music, you might be wondering where you could find a similar relationship for yourself. Although you might be drawn to an interracial relationship, the most important thing is to find someone who’s truly like-minded. By making sure you’re compatible rather than just physically attracted to each other, you’ll stand a much better chance of a fulfilling long-term relationship.

A great option would be to register on a dedicated platform made for seeking love. Be that a dating website for local people or a platform for interracial dating, like-minded people can be found anywhere! You just pick a website that suits your tastes and needs, create an account, then fill in your profile with relevant information, and you’re ready to go. Using a website’s filters to narrow down your search will help you find people of a certain race, appearance, and preferences, which is a great way to reach out to only those who have a similar outlook on life with you!

Another alternative would be to sign up for a class or a club that you’re interested in. This way, you can be certain that anyone you meet you’ll have something in common with! It’s also a great conversation-opener, so chatting about your hobby can ease the pressure if you are shy about approaching your crush.

Tips for Building Interracial Relationships Online

If you’re building an interracial relationship online, you’ll need to be honest and transparent from the start. Think carefully about everything you write because the written word can very easily be misinterpreted. Face-time or video chats are a helpful addition to emailing and texting; this gives you the chance to see whether you connect with the person in real-time.

Remember that you’re dating the individual and not their race. While it’s important to be sensitive about the color of their skin, it doesn’t entirely define them as a person. Be culturally sensitive and open to the possibility of unconscious bias, but also be aware that there are far more issues around compatibility than just your race.

But most of all, relax and be yourself – all good relationships have strong foundations of friendship, and if you start this way, you won’t go far wrong.


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