Learn DJing online at $19/Month with a 30-day money back guarantee


Learn DJing online


Yes, you heard right DJ Courses Online offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their DJ training courses.

This (Learn DJing online course) is a great option for the DJ’s who are looking to learn online but are not sure on where to invest as yet. DJ courses online just simplified the decision making for you, as you get to try their courses starting at $ 19/month, for 30 days and if you don’t like them, all you have to do is write them an email on why you are dissatisfied within 30 days of becoming a member and they will give you a complete refund.

Well considering this is one of the most amazing deals you can get, let’s see what you as a student would be buying into.

Introduction | DJ Courses Online

DJ courses online began when the founders of the Institute of Digital Music decided that they want to promote the education of DJing through an online channel in 2012. They began with online tutorials in collaboration with the best DJ instructors who have taught numerous courses. Over the years these courses have been refined to make learning for every aspiring DJ more effective. It’s always great to hear from past students how amazing a course is, so let’s take a look at what students have to say –

Natasha N, from London, says, “after trying tons of different DJ training programs and of course trying to learn by my self on YouTube, I am loving the DJ courses online video library.”

Josh I, from New York added by saying “for the price, it is totally worth it. Compared to how much I have invested in my music career; this breaks down to nearly nothing – but I got so much out of it.”

Johan A, from California, had an amazing experience as well. He said, “these courses were perfect for me, very comprehensive, and I was able to hit the ground running right away. Now I’ve got my own booking agent!”

DJ courses online understand that the world is changing quickly, with which the needs of each DJ mainly to stay updated with recent times and latest software is high. Moreover, it is hard for students to regularly schedule a course, which is why DJ courses online make their course schedule’s flexible for every student to access these at their own pace along with choosing what they want to learn. You could be a beginner or a DJ looking to master advanced skills or simply learn new technology, DJ courses online has made your learning easy with access to classes wherever you go, 30-day money back guarantee and modules that are well rounded and cover all the skills a DJ needs from setting up turntables to liver performances and marketing oneself.

We definitely think they hit a sweet spot with the 30-day money back guarantee and a $19/ month starting fee. so don’t wait any longer, sign up and explore the courses, they are made for your benefit. Sign up now to Learn DJing online!

Paridhi Bhatiya

Content Writer | EDM Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
Apart from building brands in advertising, I love to collaborate with artists and musicians across the globe to create content and tell their stories to the world. Dance music for me has a way of understanding people’s emotions and it also inspires them to break through any barrier to create something beyond their goals.
Paridhi Bhatiya

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