Baltimore based indie-rock band, Chaunter releases new track – Boo Cat

Chaunter - Boo Cat

Of all the wonderful things that happen in a calendar year, new music seems to always take the #1 spot for us! And what better than getting the new music from new artists.

Chaunter is a Baltimore based indie-rock band which was formed in early 2018. It was the outcome of the coming-together of Brooks Kossover and Jenghis Manning-Pettit. This new band has now come out with a new release in the form of “Boo Cat”.

Tingling your ears, crisp melodies open the track along with some gentle humming. The classic indie feeling kicks are as the vocals begin and as the rich guitar and drum works take over. The rich choral display is backed by a charming electronic guitar riff. It’s safe to say that the highlights of the production are the groovy synth-lines, and the laidback vibe that is complemented by flute works in the background. All in all, a complete, dreamy and pleasant experience is what this track offers!

Kossover comes from the experience of having worked with bands like Matmos, Drugdealer and Modern Nomad. His enchanting flute works and guitar skills, coupled with his mastery over synth compositions make him special. Adding to that, Manning-Pettit, who comes from a metal background displays a great character with his guitar skills, which in many ways is the backbone of this band. These two talented acts have made a wise decision to work together, giving the music industry another hope of new kind of music.

The duo also is set to release their debut album “Dream Dynamics” which will be out in March 2019. Featuring the likes of Dan Deacon, Matmos, Lower Dens, Sam Herring, Michael Collins, and Super City, the album shows the great potential of being a hit! Let’s just wait and watch.

Pavan Kumar


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