Music Artists are focusing on Instagram more than ever

music artists

Music artists are now documenting their work and promoting their music on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. In fact, if you search for a known or emerging DJ, you should be sure to find them on Instagram.

music artists

The reason why music artists make sure to have a presence on Instagram is because users spend 30% more time listening to music every single week. These users form a part of the target audience that is extremely likely to subscribe and pay for a streaming service according to a Nielsen study undertaken by Instagram last year.

We are sure that Instagram may not have realized that their medium will ever prove to have a concentrated use for music. However, they are definitely working closely with artists’ to provide varied benefits on their platforms like the recent integrations with Spotify and Event brite. Hence, it’s also important to evaluate a top instagram growth service.

music artists

DJs are not only focussing on their fan growth on Instagram, but, they are also focussing on YouTube and Spotify, to reach their audiences.

The average fan growth rate of the top 10 DJ’s has been 60%, 31% and 31% on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify respectively in the last quarter. However, in May 2018 alone, Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix have had a 75% and 74% fan growth on Instagram respectively. In addition to that Diplo had a monthly increase of 51% follower base due to his original tracks. On Spotify, Marshmello had the biggest increase in monthly Spotify followers of 38%.


While our Top 10 DJs have seen a massive increase in their fan base, the emerging artists’ and DJs have also seen a rise in their follower growth, higher than the average growth rate. The Odesza duo ranked #10 on Billboard dance, and saw the biggest growth of 46% in their Instagram fan base in the last month. Belgian Techno DJ Amelie Lens saw a 34% growth on her follower base on Spotify while K?d, a 21-year-old DJ saw a 37% monthly growth in his YouTube followers.

While the growth on these platforms has been rising, we can’t imagine what it’s going to be like, when the Facebook streaming platform launches, as the music producers and listeners are going to want a piece of the pie.

Find out about the Facebook music streaming platform here.

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