Steve Aoki’s documentary on Netflix teaches you 4 very important things!

steve aoki i'll sleep when i'm dead

There is so much more to Steve Aoki!

After watching Avicii’s documentary, Netflix throws up the Steve Aoki documentary because you saw documentaries list. Now, while ‘I’ll sleep when I am dead’ has been around for quite some time, we saw the entire documentary and we must tell you that it’s refreshing!

We are sure when we say Steve Aoki, you think cake-throwing, but there is so much more to Steve Aoki. The personality, the hustle that he put in making his music, and the attitude of always making something happen. We are sure, many of you would not know this side of Steve. Yes, you will read that Steve’s dad is a large part of this documentary, but you must look at how this admiration fueled his desire to make it large for himself and his family.

On asking Steve about this documentary, he told People – ‘this documentary is different for me. I’m okay to share a lot of my life, but then I opened up about this other side of my life that I very rarely talk about, even personally.’

When you start watching the film, you begin to fall in love with Aoki’s personality and work discipline. But as you watch there are certain things that you pick up, which will help every individual pursue their dreams today –

a) Steve was bullied in school. But, it seems to have fueled his musical intentions which led him to announce his debut album at Madison Square Garden. He was the first DJ to headline an event at that venue all by himself.

What did we learn: Don’t ever give up, no matter the setback.

b) Steve’s father Rocky Aoki is the founder of Benihana which is a popular chain of restaurants with live cooking. Additionally, he was also a wrestler, speedboat racer and philanderer. Even though Steve grew up in an overwhelming shadow, when you see the footage, you notice how Steve’s performances and work discipline comes from his father.

What did we learn: No matter the shoes you have to fill, accept where you come from and it will only help you grow.

c) He began his own record label Dim Mak at the age of 19, and he knew nothing about running a label. But, this label started the electronic movement in LA as it was ahead of its time. In fact, the Dim Mak Tuesday events, which were free events, were also the location for the very first performances for Dirty South, Lady Gaga, Justice, and MSTRKRFT. Aoki brought alive his punk rock spirit in all of his electronic performances.

What did we learn: Even though you think you don’t know how to do a certain thing, there is nothing stopping you from you doing it.

d) Years of abuse performing led to the formation of cysts in Steve’s throat which needed to be operated on. There were no more screaming performances for him. He was also addicted to alcohol at one point which helped him through his performances. But neither of these phases stopped Aoki from being the animal he is today, especially, when it comes to making music and touring.

What did we learn: There will always be highs and lows in any journey, love thy journey.

Today, Steve’s estimated net worth is $75 million. He is also a Grammy-nominated producer, and if he is not logging in late hours in the studio, he is touring across the globe with about 300 shows a year.

This documentary definitely shows you how, despite all overwhelming shadows, Steve finds a way to become one of the most pre-eminent DJ’s of the electronic realm today. His most important journey begins in his 2 bedrooms cramped apartment in Isla Vista, California and leads to Tomorrowland and claiming the streets of LA with electronic music. Make sure you watch the film to give your ambitious creative soul inside a ruthless nudge. Steve’s energy is infectious, and if you put your mind to something, you should be able to do almost anything which Steve’s journey subtly reminds you of.

Before you leave, whose documentary would you like to see from the electronic music scene? Tell us below!

Paridhi Bhatiya


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