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braynin interview

Braynin draws on his biggest inspirations for his new single, “Too Late”, beautifully combining the brilliance of Hans Zimmer’s orchestral opuses, with the pop genius of Max Martin, and the clever songwriting sensibilities of FINNEAS.

The final section of ‘Too Late’ pays homage to a classical ‘cadenza’, if you will, where Braynin plays a stylish improvisatory electric-violin solo; an ode to his childhood hero – violinist Nigel Kennedy.

We caught up with Braynin to understand how “Too Late” came about, his advice for upcoming producers, and more.

Pavan – Happy to be conversing with you Braynin. We’ve observed you made a lot of noise last year. How’s it been for you in 2020 and so far this year?

Braynin – To tell you the truth, 2020 was great. I had a lot more time to focus on what matters most to me, in my personal life and musical life. Lockdown gave me the chance to begin my artist project and release my first single “Too Late”. During the pandemic, I was also privileged enough to collaborate with some fantastic artists too. Life is good, I’m feeling very grateful I must say.

Pavan – Tell us more about how it all started. What inspired you into music? Do you have any role models in the industry?

Braynin – Well, the first piece of music I heard was “Hit me Baby One More Time”, I must have been about 3 at the time. I remember being enamoured by the whole feel of it.

I didn’t start playing piano and violin till I was 5, but once I got a taste of it I was on fire. Like an addict. I couldn’t get enough.

My whole life revolved around music. To this day it still does. I have to personally thank my mother and father who were so supportive and actively fostered my musical upbringing. From lessons to instruments. It wasn’t always easy yet they have been behind me the whole way.

Moving to the Uk from Ireland at 14 on a scholarship to the Yehudi Menuhin and from there to the Royal College of Music was a privilege and truly set me firmly on my journey.

With regards to role models in the industry, I have a few. My closest friends Daniel Blume and Cian Ducrot, for a long time have been role models to me. I met Cian in primary school in Cork and we have been brothers ever since, and Daniel at Menuhin school. We got into producing together there. I have learned so much from both. They took the plunge into pop music when I felt like nobody was doing it. We all come from a classical background, so it felt very radical at the time. I wouldn’t be releasing music now without them!

Songwriting and production wise, Max Martin is a huge inspiration/role-model to me. I met him in London last year and he gave me loads of advice. That was certainly a pinch-me moment. His approach to pop music is a methodology that I subscribe to. It’s very systematic like classical music which I like.

Pavan – You’ve just come off a new release last month with “Too Late”. How did you go about making that track happen? We know it’s been received well – what do you have to say about it?

Braynin – Well, I met this girl during lockdown, and fell madly in love. She was the inspiration for the track. My muse so to speak. One night I confessed my love for her, and she friend-zoned me. So, I wrote a song about it. The track itself came about so quickly. I was speechless. Almost like I received it as a gift from the universe. It was crazy. Personally, I love it as a song, particularly as my first single. I think it encapsulates all my talents in one.

Pavan – A lot of youngsters are aspiring to take on music and need direction. Do you have any inputs and suggestions for them from your own experience?

Braynin – Firstly, I would say only do the things you love. Only follow a career in music if you absolutely love it. At the end of the day, no matter what avenue/career you choose in life, you have to put hard work and time in, in order to succeed. So you may as well do what you love! Keep going, keep trying. Have idols, have inspirations. Think big and believe in yourself!

Pavan – We also heard that you write songs along with producing music. Which one do you enjoy most?

Braynin – I couldn’t choose one over the other. They go hand in hand really, especially for me. It’s one process. I love writing that initial idea at the piano, (melody and lyrics). Equally, I love fleshing out the idea as a producer and fine tuning every last detail. I enjoy it all immensely

Pavan – Finally, 2020 garnered more than a 100 million streams for you. What’s the plan for 2021?

Braynin – I plan on releasing at least 4 more singles as Braynin this year. I want to take this project to the moon and back. I have very high expectations. To be honest my only permanent goal is making music that people love. That’s always my main priority! All the other goals come and go, as you reach one target you immediately set yourself a bigger one. I try to have that in the back of my mind to keep me grounded. It all starts with good music.

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