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Sebastian Bronk

Bas Bronk also known as Sebastian Bronk is arguably one of the most forward thinking producers in the electronic music scene.

Formerly known as Basti Lourenz, Bronk is revered for his uplifting style of music. His influence stems from a range of genres, everything from house to trap, and with a dash of hardstyle for good measure to really cap things off. As head of his own label GOONS Music, Sebastian Bronk has been releasing some really intriguing music while also acting as a taste-maker in the scene too.

Sebastian Bronk has already worked next to international DJ’s such as Kid Massive, Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand, The Cubeguys, Afrojack, Sidney Samson, and Sandy Rivera. Earlier this summer he collaborated with Needs No Sleep on the hit track “Trashed”, which brought those bass house vibes that kept dance floors moving all night long. Coming fresh off the release of monster tune ‘Find Me’, we caught up with the Dutch producer to know more about his new release, his label and much more.

Sagar – ‘Find Me’ sounds fantastic. What are your thoughts on how the tune has shaped up?

Sebastian Bronk – Thanks you so much. It’s actually been a while back, in 2015, when we were at a writing camp and recorded the vocal for ‘Find Me’ to an old track of mine. It took a while to find the right production and to finish the tune to what it is today. But I’m very happy how it turned out, shows sometimes the journey of a good tune can be slow but steady.

Sagar – Were you looking for more enterprising stuff while writing ‘Find Me’?

Sebastian Bronk – To be honest, normally I try to produce tracks while bearing in mind the crowds in the clubs and festivals on the dance-floor. This time the process was totally different because the vocal is much more laid back, so the whole production and track took a different route.

Sagar – From that special night in Curacao as Basti Lourenz to Sebastain Bronk, it’s nothing of inspirational. How would you like to describe your journey so far?

Sebastian Bronk – Damn Basti Lourenz, you did your homework. That’s been a long time, I just realized I’m doing this for over 10 years now. When I started Basti Lourenz I was much more focused on the deejaying aspect of it all, instead of producing and collborating. Now a days, you can almost always find me in the studio or travelling around to collab with other talented people around the glove. For me, at the moment, it’s all about producing tracks to use in my own set. That way all assets of being a DJ and producer come together, and definitely adds to the fun of it all.

Sagar – Let’s go back to those early releases like Bang. Take us back to that time.

Sebastian Bronk – Again, that’s a while back. Back in those days I was more focused on being a deejay than on producing music. I got a lot of help from another producer. The funny thing about that release was that I send it over to Kid Massive his label Audiodamage Records and he signed the track straight away. That was such an interesting process, to witness a release so upclose, that was definitely a turning point and got me more involved in the producing part of the job.

Sagar – The entire Bass and Trap scene has really been on top of its game with artists finding their own niche and relentlessly re-invigorating what a really uplifting scene. What are your thoughts on the entire scene has shaped up?

Sebastian Bronk – It’s so amazing what is happening at the moment. From a producer and a deejay point of view. Guys like Diplo and Skrillex opening the gates for everyone who wants to play all kinds of music. I get bored really quick, that’s why I make a lot mashups for my sets. Now a day we can also change in bpm during the set and that makes it so much more interesting.

Sagar – You have done a fantastic job with GOONS music supporting styles. We are really intrigued by the diversity offered by GOONS. What are your plans for the label in the future?

Sebastian Bronk – Thanks! We don’t really think in genres or styles, our big love is music! We aim to discover, support and grow new talents, no matter the genre. The challenge is to approach the promo for every release in a different way. We don’t use a master plan for the future, just put as much energy and love in every release as possible and see what the future brings!

Sagar – Having toured India before, what are your thoughts on the Indian electronic music scene and its ever increasing year after year?

Sebastian Bronk – It’s been a privilege to travel countries like India. I’ve been to India for 3 times now and I see it growing every time I drop by. I think it’s the job of a DJ, especially an international DJ like myself, to educate the crowd, bring something new to dancefloor and connect with both fans and business when travelling. It’s amazing to see India developing the way it is, and I am happy to be able to be a small part of that.

Sagar – We seen Indian artists release some fantastic music over the years. Have you come across any artist who has caught your eye?

Sebastian Bronk – No doubt about that, KSHMR is the best example I can think of right now. Everything he does is worked out to perfection. From the musicals aspect to the visuals during the shows.

Sagar – What’s next for Sebastian Bronk?

Sebastian Bronk – The start of 2018 will be a lot of studio time, I’ve been planning to do a European studio tour. Visit a lot of producers and collaborate with them, meet new people and get creative together. To create, inspire and get inspired is what it is all about for me!

Also, there is a lot of new GOONS music coming up, I can’t wait to release these tracks, so stay tuned. We are also planning to do a new tour to India soon, so overall I can’t wait for what’s next!

Sagar – Thank you for your time!

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