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ruff interview

21 year old Nick Ruffalo, better known as Ruff, has been breezing through career milestones at break-neck speed with a string of globally adored releases behind him.

Following the March-release of his hit single ‘Reasons’ alongside American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen and Mercedes, the New Jersey native reimagines the cut as a stripped-back ballad with his highly anticipated acoustic version – out now via The Dawg House.

We caught up with Ruff to learn more about ‘Reasons’, his musical idols and more.

Pavan – Hey Ruff, we’re glad to be talking to you on T.H.E Interviews. Welcome! While the past year has been tough for all of us, we see you’ve made the most of it to make new music. Tell us about your past year in terms of music-making. 

Ruff – Glad to be here, thanks for having me! This past year has certainly been tough that’s for sure, especially without live shows since they’re such a huge part of the dance music scene.  I’ve been working tirelessly this past year to continually write a ton of songs and really find myself and my sound as an artist, as well as develop a brand new live set format, learning multiple instruments and practicing them daily.  Every original song I’ve released in my life so far has been released during the pandemic, so it’ll be exciting to see how all my original music plays out in a live environment when the time comes!

Pavan – From ‘Self Sabotage’ to the dance mix of Justin Beiber’s ‘Love Yourself’, your work has received acclaim and great support. How do you feel about it? 

Ruff – Thank you so much! I feel unbelievably blessed to have the opportunity to wake up every day and do what I love, and the support from the amazing people in this community has remained a huge driver of motivation for me to continue to work as hard and support those around me as much as possible.

Pavan – Your upcoming new single ‘Reasons’ is your second collaboration with Robbie Rosen after last year’s single ‘Without It’. How’s working with Robbie been? 

Ruff – Robbie is truly one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with. We connected around January 2020 and instantly fell into a groove songwriting together; it’s actually crazy, every song we’ve written together has been written in under an hour! It’s a unique and awesome thing to be on the same page with your collaborator as consistently as myself and Robbie are.

Pavan – Is there an inspiration to your style of music? Any role models?

Ruff – I draw a ton of inspiration from artists such as the Chainsmokers, Gryffin, Lost Kings, NOTD, and even Hans Zimmer!

Pavan – What is it that one can expect from the able hands of Ruff in the rest of 2021?

Ruff – A lot of new music this year as well as a few collaborations with other producers from all over the world that I am so excited to share with everyone! I also plan on diving into YouTube very seriously this year, with hopes to upload tutorial videos every week as well as vlogs and other fun videos!

Pavan Kumar


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