deadmau5 & Steve Duda Resurrect BSOD Project With New EP, “No Way Get Real”

bsod deadmau5 steve duda - no way get real ep out on mau5trap

With the first releases dating back to early 2006 and after almost six years of complete radio silence, DJ/Producer Deadmau5 and DJ/ Audio Engineer Steve Duda, together known as BSOD, have made a comeback with their new EP “No Way, Get Real”.

BSOD first made their presence known with their weird and groovy “This Is the Hook” which was originally written as a satire on the then saturated house music arrangement. They followed it up with EP releases from time to time such as Played Out, Pay Here to Click, Trap Me and Last Life. There was no announcement from both the producers until 30th of March when Mau5trap boss put out a short preview of the upcoming BSOD EP.

The new EP from BSOD features four brand new tracks from the duo named Afterburner, All Passing Lane, Five, Pitches love me.
All four of the tracks sound equally weird and melodically pleasing in their own sense. Steve Duda and Deadmau5 often tend to bring in a unique flavor in terms of arrangements, kicks and synthesizer design and they did the exact same with their brand new EP.
With Mind altering melodies and irritatingly groovy basslines, The EP serves the very purpose of the other rendition of BSOD’s abbreviation “Better Sounding on Drugs”.
Traces of Electro and funk can be found all across 4 instrumentals with intelligent arrangements that set them in a league apart from the others. Give them a try.

All of the tracks featured in the EP were premiered exclusively by Deadmau5 and his partner Steve Duda on Mau5’s very own Mixer channel during the eight-hour live stream which also discusses the origins of the name “BSOD” and features a Deadmau5 reluctantly shaving his beard amidst the stream (Cameras were turned off, Obviously).

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Mmkrishna Cherla


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