Diplo Teases “Jack Ü’s” Comeback In An Instagram Post!

jack u songs

Of the many groups Diplo has been continuously part of, one of the more significant ones was the team-up with Skrillex in the form of Jack Ü.

This iconic collaboration created some of the most insane music one would have witnessed in recent years. It’s quite sad that they have been silent for a long time now and finally, there’s some news on their possible comeback!

Having created some incredible songs likes “Where Are Ü Now”, “Take Ü There”, “To Ü”, “Bounce It” and more, the duo’s first EP which was released in 2015 is still a gem in the music world’s library.

Diplo’s post on Instagram recently has caused a whole lot of excitement and anticipation for the new project that he may have already set forth with Skrillex.

What do you think is on cards? We really expect a cracker of a track, at least! Share the news with your friends now!

Pavan Kumar


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