High Maintenance & ALSO Collaborate On The “Hypersonic” EP

High Maintenance hypersonic ep

Strap yourselves in and feel the Gs: Korsakov Music ante up with three nuclear-powered jams, primed and ready for festival season.

Three tracks, two captains, one pivotal debut release: ALSO makes himself known to the world joining AudioPorn OG High Maintenance for ‘Hypersonic’. It’s a Mach made in heaven: As the man behind Korsakov Music, one-third of halftime muck-chuckers Ancient Radius and a DJ of ill repute for several years now, the danger Dutchman brings his own slap-happy signature to High Maintenance’s tried, tested and highly respected synth-chiselled, high-impact dancefloor sheen.

‘Hypersonic’ takes the lead. From its widescreen planet-bounding intro to its walloping elastic bass drop, this is an ardent return to that pure thoroughbred dancefloor drum n bass that brought in a whole generation. Think Nero, think John B, think Mind Vortex, think Task Horizon, think getting your whole soul caved in, then rebuilt to a much higher spec, by an absolute juggernaut sci-fi stinker.

Next in this explosive vein of the first-degree bangers comes ‘Party Every Day’. A mantra, a lifestyle and a fast-lane hip-shifter, all snake-like and rampant, it’s another white knuckle ride of a tune that refuses to sit in the rigid boundaries of any formal subgenre and has a bassline that cracks the whip in any mix creative mix scenario.

‘Here We Go Again’ is the grand finale fly-by we need but totally don’t deserve. A swaggering funk jet powered by obscene levels of crude bass oil, it’s a celebration of maximalism, dynamic ridiculousness and full flavoured cake-baking energy. This one doesn’t crack whips, it’s cracks bones, homes and entire neighbourhoods. And your next dancefloor is directly in its flight path. You better G yourselves in and feel for the straps.

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.

Hannah Helbert


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