Matt Bossa & Pyxis Team Up To Create ‘Breathe & Bass’

breathe and bass matt bossa

Many things we love the most aren’t that good for us.

However, music is one definite exception to that rule. Everyone has THAT one song in their playlist that defines them, makes them happy, or picks them up when their emotions and situations hit rock bottom.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought chaos to our lives, and nationwide lockdowns have confined us to limited spaces with our movements criminally restricted. Functioning under such conditions has also brought a halt to socialization and physical interactions.

Lack of conversations has made us anxious, panicky, and even made people think, say, or do things that they might not consider appropriate under normal circumstances. But thankfully, we have had great music to keep us sane and motivated to pave through these difficult times.

Music has the transportive power to conjure up every possible emotion within us. It can take us to unimaginable heights, console us in our grief or loneliness, get our bodies moving, and bring peace and calm to our hearts. Music also has the power to improve our health and well-being, which simply increases its awesomeness.

The guys at Breathe & Bass have taken the empirical prowess of Drum & Bass Music to create an experience that is a first of its kind in the Drum & Bass fraternity. We had seen Drum & Bass being used for power workouts, but this is an experience which will help people to reduce stress, worries, and anxiety with an impeccable selection of deep and melodic musical Liquid Drum & Bass.

‘Breathe & Bass’ is an initiative to support greater awareness and access to the positive benefits of meditation and breathing by utilizing a genre of music that stirs the soul and provides space to move, dance, or relax.

“What Breathe & Bass is trying to achieve is to take that one step further and give a new generation the skills through mindfulness, breathwork, meditation and yoga in a music package that they already feel the connection too. Also, we want to make that experience as authentic as possible utilizing the traditions and teachings that they might not feel able to access as it is too ‘alternative’. This will hopefully help reduce mental health issues and provide a different kind of positive feeling rather than use drugs or alcohol to feel connected which ultimately can have its negative cost” said Matt Bossa, the brainchild behind Breathe & Bass

The first edition of ‘Breathe & Bass’ is curated by Marisa Jade aka pyxis, who helped Matt actualize the concept of ‘Breathe & Bass’.

“I first started speaking to Matt about Breathe & Bass back in May when he was promoting the page. I jumped on him because I LOVED the concept and wanted to help get the brand about. It was really from the start that he asked me to do a mix and I was like ‘hell yeah!!’ and I did it straight away because it’s everything I love about music – the most chilled of beats and a way to find peace in all of it.”

For the mix, pyxis has seamlessly combined carefully curated vocals, silky smooth soundscapes and deep basslines to create a breath-taking set.

The guys at Breathe & Bass have some awesome things coming, so keep your eyes peeled.

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