[Premiere] Sound In Noise – Can’t Take It


London based RAM Records have had a massive year belting out releases from heavyweights such as Culture Shock, Bad Company, Delta Heavy, DC Breaks and bunch more. It is one of the most respected labels in the Drum and bass spectrum for the work they have done for the genre. The label is finely curated by the legend that is Andy C and his mate Ant Miles.

RAM Records are set to increase their hold in Drum and Bass to a whole new level releasing a mammoth 60 track compilation for RAM Annual 2017. The compilation features tracks from label boss Andy C, Break, Noisia, Bad Company and many more. SIXTY tracks covering the best releases from 2016 featuring some ground breaking Drum and Bass from some of the finest artists. The LP is a reminder of what RAM records has done for Drum and Bass for the past two decades and it is a testament to their relentless work which speaks for their massive success.

One of the tracks as part of the compilation is the massive ‘Can’t Make It’ by Sound In Noise!

The track begins with a beautiful intro with a blend of sublime melodies and atmospheric vocals. It builds into delivering an extremely catchy bassline and tasty claps and eventually converting into a strong punchy roller. The growling bassline sticks with the vocals for the entire track which includes a beautiful breakdown giving us a combination of heavy and hazy. Dig in!

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