Slumberjack and Machine Age collaborate on smashing new single – Daggers

Slumberjack Daggers

Rising duo Slumberjack and Australian talent, Machine Age have come together for an incredible new single – Daggers. Taken from the upcoming Sarawak EP from Slumberjack, it portrays the energy and creative prowess of the artists.

Reminding you of a vintage rock song, the vocals and the initial setting of the track definitely captures your attention. Slowly picking up momentum with crisp percussion works, it drops into a spree of raw energy. Making use of Indian percussive elements, the track simply displays an immense ability to blend raw energy, groovy vibe, and rich vocals together. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this one! After- all, the duo’s retreat to Morgan’s hometown to create new music has helped them big time.

Perth-based duo Slumberjack has risen quickly in the Australian music scene with hits like RA which has over 40 million streams across all platforms. Earlier this year the duo made an impact through their collaborations with illustrious artists like Alison Wonderland and What So Not; and for those expecting more collaborations, the upcoming EP will not disappoint.

“We want to create club tracks that have a story to them. You can dance to it at a festival or jam to it anywhere, but you can also listen more closely and study it and see how it relates to your own life.”, says Morgan.

As they have exciting collaborations from Troyboi, Ekali and more, the EP is much anticipated. Having already appeared at US festivals like Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest, and Hard Summer, they are rearing to go on stage with What So Not and Ekali at Holy Ship, SnowGlobe and OMFG NYE.

While they set out on their first tour as headliners, Ehlers says “The show’s going to be about slowing down a bit and focusing more on what’s happening at the moment, rather than always looking to the next drop. There should be moments where you just absorb something ugly or unusual, and then get the payoff later when you experience something beautiful. We don’t want to just have people going crazy the whole time—we want to give them a show that takes them on some kind of a journey.”

Always pushing boundaries during the creative process, whether it was through the willingness to be reckless with genres or as a writer, Machine Age has proven time and time again his unique ability to augment organic instruments with electronics. Collaborating with Slumberjack has taken this to a whole other level.

Listen to this really unique music here and leave your comments below!

Pavan Kumar


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