Steve Angello debuts new song during his ULTRA Europe 2018 set


Swedish progressive house DJ/producer, Steve Angello is one of the most talented and experienced producers out there whose on-stage performances never fail to impress. And, as expected Angello delivered a smashing performance during his ULTRA Europe set in Croatia.

Not only did he play tracks from his album ‘HUMAN’ and the timeless Swedish House Mafia hits during his set, but he also premiered a new ID with DJ duo, Still Young. Before he dropped the brand-new track, this is what he had to say to the fans out there:

“Croatia, this is a brand-new song! I’ve never played this anywhere else. This is the first time… It’s all about love!”

And, as an icing on the cake Angello ended his set with words that our ears were dying to hear, “Swedish House Mafia loves you!”

After SHM had a comeback performance at the 20th Anniversary of ULTRA Miami, fans were speculating that the trio might make an appearance at ULTRA Europe. Even though that dream didn’t come true, Angello’s last words have kept our hope alive.

Watch Angllo premiering his new track below:

Let us know what you think of the track below!

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