Armin van Buuren reveals the ASOT 900 anthem in the most unique way!

asot 900 anthem

Fans and the entire music industry always anticipate what Armin’s anthems for the ASOT milestone episodes are going to be. After Armin unleashed the anthem for ASOT 850 of – ‘Be in the Moment’, everyone has been patiently waiting to learn of the ASOT 900 anthem. If you know Armin, you also know, he always thinks on a unique and large-scale basis for announcements or celebrations.

Last month, Armin announced the date for the ASOT 900 festival which is February 23rd, 2019 in Utrecht. This event will mark the celebration of completing 900 episodes of A State of Trance. While only the subscription for the early bird tickets had begun, there was a high anticipation of Armin doing something special at the Amsterdam Dance event 2018.

A few press individuals were handpicked for Armin’s mystery event that read – ‘you have been selected to go on an adventure that will take you to great heights with Armin Van Buuren.’ These individuals departed from Christofori, Prinsengracht 583 at 14.15 hours today afternoon, and were driven to a mystery location where mystery set up was revealed.

Following arrival, everyone was buckled in their seats and Armin arrived to finally reveal the mystery announcement. But, the most amazing part of about this announcement was, that it was to happen mid-air, from where one could see the entire Amsterdam skyline. Once everyone was mid-air with anticipations even higher, Armin revealed that ASOT 900 anthem is, ‘Lifting You Higher’ which will be celebrated on February 23rd, 2019.

The official anthem for #ASOT900 – Lifting you Higher. The word is out!

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We definitely think this is one of the best ways to announce A State of Trance theme. It left everyone raving for more. Imagine you are sitting on seats, that allows you to see all of Amsterdam with Armin playing just for you. A moment like that definitely leaves you speechless.

Perhaps what is more interesting is that the first two cites for ASOT 900 will be Madrid and Kiev. Well, after playing his anthem for his people, Armin left to go to the studio to continue playing the ASOT 886 episode which will be a 9-hour marathon, ADE special. But, what he let slip before leaving was that, for ASOT 900, he will be joined by Above and Beyond, who last played A State of Trance with Armin 7 years ago. This is definitely going to make for epic ASOT 900 celebrations. We are definitely excited beyond bounds for ASOT 900. How about you?

Watch the complete video of the mystery event here.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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