Coachella 2019: Childish Gambino urges crowd to put phones away or go home!

Coachella Childish Gambino

Well well, you almost saw that coming, didn’t you? One way or the other, in every music festival (or any event for that matter), the essence of the event is lost when people forget to be in the moment and go on clicking pictures, updating statuses and what not!

It’s cool and all, to show that you’re at a premium music event but, did you forget that you came there for the music? That’s exactly what Childish Gambino wanted to remind the people of – that you come to a concert for the music and the experience!

As Coachella kicked off, huge crowds thronged to the event as usual. Whether it was the overwhelming number of people who are busy with their phones that irked Childish Gambino or not, he made a point – he asked everyone to put their phones down!

“Put your phones down. This is not a concert, this is church. If you came here to hear your favorite song, you should go home and do that. If you want to come here to just take Instagram pictures and shit, you should go in the back and move right now. I want y’all to feel this shit. This is my church. I feel at home here.”

That really is something artists must do often at music festivals in my opinion – as it helps to keep up the essence of music and the joy of attending music festivals! What’s your take on it? Let us know below.


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