Elena Colombi To Tour Mumbai On January 18, 2020!

elena colombi mumbai - january 18, 2020

Event promoter – Milkman, is bringing another exciting artist to India for their Terminal 1 pre party.

With Terminal 1 approaching, Milkman decided to start the festivities by holding a pre party and has invited Elena Colombi to kickstart the party.

Elena Colombi is an Amsterdam based DJ and radio host who has been very essential for the local scene for a while. With a wide range of genres decorating her arsenal, Elena Colombi unleashes a wild spectrum of emotions among the crowd she is playing to and gives them an experience to crave for.

From Reggae to Industrial, Elena Colombi can bring out the best of any genre and serve it to her audience. This “Anything goes” style also reflects her incredibly creative and completely unorthodox way of DJing which surely did turn a lot of heads in the recent years.

Elena Colombi will be joining our very own Spacejams and no:rqst at The Council, which is located in Bandra, Mumbai.

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As year 2 of our festival , Terminal 1 approaches, the amazing @elenacolombi comes to town for our festival pre party! We couldn't have asked for a more apt artist to launch Terminal 1 this year 🙏🏽. Jan 18th is the date – see you all on the dance floor! (Ticket Link in bio) . . Many DJs claim to be champions of free-spirited eclecticism, but few truly break boundaries or swerve convention. Step forward Elena Colombi, a DJ and radio host whose inspired sets are not only open-minded and mind-altering, but also seek to toy with the emotions of listeners and dancers via shifts in intensity, tone, light and shadow. Her distinctive approach is truly unique, in part thanks to a widescreen grasp of different musical cultures, sounds and rhythms, born out of travelling the world with her family from a young age. This nomadic approach is something that Colombi still embraces. After ten years living in London and making her mark in the city’s electronic music underground and a brief relocation to Brussels, the artist is now based in Amsterdam, where she can be found contributing to the vital local scene whilst focusing on her new label, Osàre! Editions. Launched in the summer of 2019, the imprint was inspired by the Italian translation of ‘daring’ or ‘bold’. In keeping with Colombi’s approach to DJing, the label will provide a home for future-facing music shot through with forward-thinking experimentation and abandon, and imbued with a sense of complete freedom, transcending expectations of time or genre. This approach is a neat fit with her musical style, which taps into a wide range of influences and inspirations old and new. Since she began her journey through DJ culture, the Italian artist has prioritised energy and emotion over form and function, paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists. While ‘anything goes’ is undoubtedly her mantra, her dynamic sets are perfectly balanced with the kind of effortless flow that many DJs fail to master with a lifetime of practice. Thanks to the @theshelterindia for helping out with this 👏🏽

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Tickets are now available on insider, make sure to grab one if you don’t want to miss an incredible experience.

For more news on upcoming events such as Terminal 1, make sure to stay tuned to the page.

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