First-Ever Cercle Event In India Set To Take Place At Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior

cercle india 2020

Cercle, which is known for inviting exceptional DJs/Producers to perform in some of the most unexpected yet beautiful places in the world, is making its way to India.

Cercle is known for hosting great experiences at historically important and famous places such as castles, palaces or even prominent museums and airports and its really fitting for them to visit the land of rich cultural heritage.

Cercle will be inviting HOSH to perform in India. HOSH is recognized for his melodic brand of sound and is well known for his very own imprint “Fryhide”. India’s very own BLOT! will be performing the delicate warmup ritual and get the crowd going. The first ever Cercle event in India will be taking place at the historic Jai Vilas Palace of Gwalior.

Grab tickets here.

2020 is turning out to be the brightest year for Indian dance music community and we can’t wait for this one!

To stay updated with the event, visit the official event page.


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