Global Online Music Broadcasting Giant Boiler Room Returns To India

boiler room mumbai 2019

We have some big news here! The global online music broadcasting giant Boiler Room is returning to India.

After their recent outing to the country, Boiler Room has returned quite quickly to India with two shows lined up in Mumbai and Delhi on the 21st and 23rd of June respectively. The locations are yet to be finalized.

After creating a huge buzz when it came for the first time in December 2016, it sure seems like the broadcaster has seen that the Indian audience is ready for another round of pure bliss. Good signs for the Indian audience and the aspiring young DJs too.

What happened when Boiler Room visited Mumbai in December 2016.

Its trademark has always been to showcase local talents and international talents on the same platform, and has been instrumental in making some incredible finds for the dance music industry.

While the lineup is yet to be announced, you can grab the tickets below.

RA Tickets: Boiler Room: Mumbai at TBA

RA Tickets: Boiler Room: New Delhi at TBA

Pavan Kumar


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