Yes, you heard it right! Goldman Sachs’ appointed a DJ – David Solomon, as their president!

David Solomon

Recently, Goldman Sachs announced that the company will be tapping into David Solomon to pose as their sole president and chief operating officer of the investing banking firm. David Solomon is an American investment banker and record producer who has taken up his leadership positions at Goldman Sahcs since April 20th 2018.

What does a normal day for David look like you ask? A normal day for David would include negotiating deals through the day, leading one of the world’s most powerful investment banks and also indulging in his hobby which is – disc jockeying.

David’s stage name is ‘DJ D-Sol’ and he mostly spins Dubstep records at the best clubs all over the world. If you happen to scroll through his Instagram page, you will see that he played at the Big Apple Hunt on April 7th. All the proceeds of this event, were forwarded to Shatterproof and Opioid addiction awareness. David is not only a businessman but, he also makes time to give back to the community with his disc jockeying skills.

David Solomon

While David’s work involves of traveling for investment banking meetings, disc jockeying took him to the Bahamas where he brought in the the New Year with his tunes. Before that he also performed for beach revelers who were apparently celebrating independence day at a bar named Nippers.

Perhaps what is more interesting than the travel his hobby leads him to is that, David joined the roster of DJ’s that performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards in London, which he enjoyed greatly. Well, given that fact that David makes sure to DJ at various places in the world, despite having a huge responsibility at Goldman and Sachs, we are sure that he loves his craft. He loves his disk jockeying and this resonates in the post below that reads “Starting to play around with Vinyl. Old school and lots to learn but, very cool.” In a world where digital turntables are a must have, David is killing it with Vinyl.

David Solomon

David also loves to meet musicians and spend time with talent managers. He was seen discussing music business with Scooter Braun at the Goldman Sachs innovators Summit last fall. Scooter Braun is an American Entrepreneur and talent manager. You may know know him as Justin Biebers manger. However, David and Scooter both being innovators, talking music business, makes you wonder what amazing strategies they must be coming up with, for artists, DJ’s and the industry itself.

All of this amazing hard work makes you think, what must David’s payout maybe? It s unclear on how much he gets paid for his gigs disc jockeying, but his annual salary is $1.85 million in addition to a variable pay. He also holds stocks worth $10 million. We are definitely aspiring to be like David Solomon.

Let’s hear what a spokesperson at Goldman, namely – Jake Siewert had to say to New York Times last year “David’s always believed that having a wide range of outside interests leads to a balanced life and makes for a better career,” Apart from David, Mark Zuckerberg also believes that having a hobby or interest, makes you better at your job. Case in point, take a look at how Facebook came into being itself.

It’s time you go get your hobby as well. What do you like to do apart from work? Don’t forget to tell us below!

Header image courtesy: The New York Times

Paridhi Bhatiya


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