Tiesto Delivers Stunning Debut Performance As VER:WEST At Tomorrowland

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The godfather of EDM strikes back and this time, under his new moniker “VER:WEST”.

Tomorrowland has been the home for everything new in the electronic dance music world. Many artists tend to debut their finest works on the holy grounds every year and Tiesto has done the very same.

The news of the VER:WEST world premiere first broke out on 13th July when Tomorrowland posted a short snippet interview with Tiesto aka VER:WEST expressing his excitement to perform in the virtual festival and debut his newly formed alias.

VER:WEST’s set was highly anticipated by many fans since his debut record “5 Seconds Before Sunrise” was released. Many believe that VER:WEST is the second coming of ISOS era’s DJ Tiesto.

VER:WEST opened his set with his debut record “5 Seconds Before Sunrise” and gently glided into melodic Tartarus with Aalson and Minorah’s “Last One”. His decades of experience with trance definitely kicked in during this melodic voyage. Fluidity is very important in gentler underground genres and Tijs displayed it perfectly. Around the 37-minute mark, Tijs premiered a potential VER:WEST ID. The set ended with the gentle sounding Arpow’s “Flow”. Paired with the incredible atmosphere created by mind-blowing visuals of the Freedom stage, VER:WEST’s hour-long set takes its listeners along a wild ride of soothing melodies, dark basslines and seductive vocals. Knowing Tiesto, this is just the start of a long and productive journey. We can’t express how excited we are for what’s coming next from this legend of an artist.

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