Up And Coming EDM Artists 2019: i_o, Schade, Will K, EAUXMAR & More

The electronic dance music scene is ever-growing and an ever-expanding culture.

Armada University Hits ADE 2019 With 4-Day Talent Event For Aspiring Producers

As the world’s biggest dance music conference, Amsterdam Dance Event is more than just a flurry of parties and meeting spots for industry bigwigs and established dance music players.

Apple Music For Artists Launched; Rivals Spotify’s Analytical Tools

Spotify and Apple’s ways of taking music to the world and ensuring a far and wide reach for artists is quite commendable.

T.H.E Interview – Trst

Trst has had the love of music in his life for as long as he can remember, he began learning Jazz bass at the age of 10 and never stopped.

T.H.E Interview – Julian Jordan

From one-to-watch to the leader of the pack, Julian Jordan’s rapid ascent through the dance music world has been something to behold, but not surprising.

Ladies of Techno You Should Know About

Earlier, in most Electronic Music genres, we used to see men usually running the entire scene. It is very rare to see a lot of women who have made it big. However, with the time changing now, we see a lot of women artists emerging from different walks of life and who are making the world dance to their tunes.

Ever wondered how much YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music pay per 1000 plays? Find out here.

Over the years, the way artists get their music heard has changed drastically. Now we are in the age of music streaming services and the most popular platforms are Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. But which if the above platforms is paying the artists the most?

BCM Announces Brand partners & Headliners for summer 2017

The team behind the most talked about and spectacular club in Spain has now revealed the world class brands and DJs who be making sure that the summer is as crazy as possible.

Quote of the Week – John00Fleming

“Most producers today just want to become famous so they look at what has previously been a hit and try to recreate that obvious trance sound. In the old days, I don’t want to sound like an old fart, but people made trance music because they loved it not because they wanted to have a hit…… Don’t worry about the obligatory drum rolls and crescendos, follow what your heart is telli...

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