Listing The Best David Guetta X MORTEN Collaborations

best david guetta morten collaborations

French superstar DJ/Producer David Guetta has been a really busy man despite the COVID 19 lockdown.

He has been live streaming and teasing a whole lot of music. Most of his recent and future releases are going to be with the Danish prodigy MORTEN.

In a sense, David Guetta and MORTEN are just one step away from becoming a crazy duo. We thought it would be in our best interests to remember some of the great MORTEN and Guetta collaborations before we move into the second phase of their 2020 and as always, we will not be ranking them. Here are some of their best works in dance music.

David Guetta X MORTEN – Kill Me Slow

Taken from their four-record EP, this gem of a record is perfect for any quarantine dancefloor. Both the artists represent their thoughts on the modern-day rave through their statement-making synths and groovy bassline arrangements. This record is also graced by really angelic vocals that make it a whole experience.

David Guetta X MORTEN – Bombardment

Also taken from their recently released “New Rave EP”, this dark and grimy record really sets the tone for the whole EP. Rave has always had a darker side and some also believe that the origin of the rave was with darker sounds like the ones used in “Bombardment”. Smacked with a load of dark melodies, this tune delivers like a bombshell.

David Guetta & MORTEN – Never Be Alone (feat Aloe Blacc)

This record was one of the most played records right before release. It was supported by various big names and was played in radio despite its complete dance appeal. Aloe Blacc delivers thundering vocals that sit just right with David and MORTEN’s swinging basslines and rave like melodies.

David Guetta & MORTEN – Detroit 3 AM

Although many feel that the days of Simple and solid electro music are over, they are not. David and MORTEN pour new life to electro by fusing it with their freshly baked style and make the perfect record that can earn a good amount of respect on the underground floors. The flashy stabs, electrifying basslines and smashing vocals completely justify its name.

David Guetta & MORTEN – Make It to Heaven (with Raye)

Powered by melting leads and thundering drop sections, David Guetta and MORTEN’s “Make It to Heaven” is definitely a playlist favourite. Raye’s vocals are like the cherry on the top to this banger of a record. At this point, many of the fans recognized the newly found rock-solid partnership between David Guetta and MORTEN.

Avicii – Heaven (David Guetta and MORTEN Tribute Remix)

David and MORTEN also remixed “Heaven” from Avicii’s Posthumous album “Tim” as a tribute to the late superstar Producer/DJ Avicii aka Tim Bergling. Apart from the usual high-quality dance music, this remix also instils hope and pays a humble tribute to one of the greatest musicians that the electronic music scene has ever seen.

This ends our list. However, this is not how the story of the “Great Guetta and MORTEN’s string of collaborations” ends. There are more IDs that are to be released and when they do, we would love to let you know. Make sure to follow us on our socials.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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