Nicky Romero Puts Out A Fresh Spin On His Career-Making Hit “Toulouse”

nicky romero toulouse 2020 edit

Superstar DJ/Producer/Label Boss Nicky Romero just revived his 2012 release “Toulouse” and it’s got everything that the original record possesses and more.

The original was released back in 2012 on Spinnin records and it was one of the biggest hits back then. “Toulouse” gave Nicky Romero the big break in the then-thriving “mainstream electronic dance music” trend. It was played by a whole lot of big names and received adoration from many. The 2020 reboot definitely sustains all the original goodness while modernizing certain elements of the big room record. Give it a listen.

The goodness from the original remains. The ultra-catchy melody, annoyingly addicting robotic fillers, heavy atmosphere, etc. are not changed. However, the Synthesizers used are modernized, certain portions of the buildup are polished and the whole drop has been dubbed into the new Big room style. With an oscillating bassline and a great drum-percussion arrangement the drop definitely brings the mainstage vibe to the reboot. This reboot is a great throwback and a solid dance floor banger.


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