Artist Of The Month For October 2015 – Eric Prydz


If there’s one artist who rarely gets negative publicity or gets a bad review for his music or sets, it’s this guy. His music and concept shows had always been well received, and he truly has established his reputation as a legend of the game. Our artist of the month for October is Eric Sheridan “Pryda” Prydz, also known as techno producer Cirez D.

If handling one label is stressful for some, Prydz handles 3 – Pryda, Pryda Friends and techno label Mouseville. His early released work includes “Bass-ism/Groove Yard” and “In and Out” as Eric Prydz, and “Diamond Girl” as Cirez D.

If his 2004 smash hit “Call on Me” gave him recognition, his 2006 remix of a Pink Floyd classic track, “Proper Education” made him a worldwide superstar. The video for the remix also went on to become a huge success, and music channels worldwide are still playing it years later. He also put out remixes for Axwell’s “Feel The Vibe”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Duran Duran’s “Sunrise” among others.

The DJ and producer also made music under various other monikers such as Hardform, Sheridan and The Dukes of Sluca, but Pryda and Cirez D continued to remain his most popular stage names.

His 2008 release “Pjanoo” was his next big track, going number 2 in the UK and entering the top 10 in various other countries. He also released “Knockout”, “Horizon” and “Läget” as Cirez D tracks. His 2009 remix for “Flashback” by then emerging artist Calvin Harris became very popular.

His US number 3 track “Every Day” in 2011 once again proved his credentials as a maverick producer. In the same year, he released arguably one of his most widely played remixes- “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode. His Cirez D production “Glow” also went on to become very successful. He also released a remix of M83’s “Midnight City” in 2012.
His production methods have also gained major popularity within the industry, with the now famous ‘Pryda Snare’ being used by everyone right from Martin Garrix to W&W. His 2013 Essential Mix was picked as the Essential Mix of the year by Pete Tong.

In 2014, his tracks “Layers” and “Rotonda” were particularly noteworthy, and stayed in the Beatport Top 100 for a long time. His ‘Eric Prydz in Concert’ concept , better known as Epic, has proved to be a major hit and he has received heaps of praise for his live performances. He announced the third version of Epic titled EPIC 3.0 and played a show at Madison Square Garden with hitherto unseen holograms and lasers.

Prydz also announced that an album containing unreleased material from 2004 to 2014 would be released in 2015, to mark 10 Years of Pryda. This album would be initially released as 3 EP’s with a full album release in October 2015.
He also became the first DJ with a mix on the new Apple Music platform via Beats 1 Radio Station.

Here’s wishing Eric Prydz all the best for the next 10 Years of Pryda! We can’t wait to hear what he’ll produce next!

Shantanu Puro
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